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Are you already telling friends about the fabulous dinner you made last night? Are posting how much you love Simple. Healthy. Tasty. recipes on social media? Now you can sign up as an affiliate and make 30% on any sales made through your affiliate link.  The Simple, Healthy, Lifestyle has been such a blessing to me and my family and I want to share it with all who are interested but I have found that I can't do much without your help.  I guess this is one way I found to say thanks!

Click here to join the affiliate program

Scroll down for buttons, adds and images.

Step by step instructions for signing up and getting codes to add to emails, blogs, facebook etc.

Click here to join.  You will have to log into e-junkie or set up an account (don't worry it's free for affiliates.) Payments are made between the first and tenth of each month for sales made the previous month.  Payments are made via paypal so you will need to input your paypal account info when you sign up with e-junkie.

Be sure AFFILIATES tab is clicked then click Get Affiliate Code

From the drop down menu select Simple. Healthy. Tasty. Then click the Get Affiliate Code   button.

Next there will be a box with orange code in it (this is HTML) it's a basic text link code that will send people to my blog with the text......or you can just copy the link between the first set of quotes (don't include the quotes) and attach that link to any image, button or banner etc.

Note next 2 options are not yet available but should be soon.

If you want to link directly to certain products or my shop choose from the drop down menu a ways below the orange code box and click that Get Affiliate Code button

You will then find more code...the same applies for this code as for the one above only it links to a specific product that you chose in the drop down menu.

You can also just copy and paste some of the codes below, just be sure to add your code in place of PLACE YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE right in between the quotes

Images, Buttons and More

Check back here once in a while because I will update and change these from time to time.



Click to Join Now!

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