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My Story

Hello my name is Tammie Nelson and I’m the creator of Simple. Healthy. Tasty.
I’m the second child of five. I grew up in a small town living in the same small home (not small on love however) my entire childhood. I knew pretty much everyone in town and most of them were related to me! Then I went off to college met my husband and we have moved 6 times in the last 17 years. I think he just wants me to prove to him I’ll go wherever he goes!

Me: Age 11

I have always really enjoyed good tasty food. You know the nice comforting kind that usually ends up where you don’t want it. I struggled with my weight from the time I was about 11 until almost 10 years ago when I figured out the Simple, Healthy, Tasty, Lifestyle. You can read more about my struggles with my weight here. Though I didn’t know it at the time, I had also developed a very STRONG sugar addiction. You can read about that here and here.

Me: Age 20
My Mom had Colon Cancer when she was 33 (younger then I am now). I was just a young girl and didn’t really understand the implications. But I now understand and I am so grateful that she didn’t just accept that it ran in her family and that her choices couldn’t make a difference. She started paying attention, learning, reading and asking questions. I can NEVER thank her enough for that. She has taught me so much and opened our eyes to…., well an entirely different way of thinking! Thanks Mom for your great courage, strength, love and support! I know this is supposed to be about me but I have to also mention my Sisters! Because both of them have really supported me with this blog. They encouraged me to do it in the first place (I think they wanted easy access to my recipes;) but they have also shared recipes and put their technological skills (Since I have very little of those) to work here on my blog! Thanks gals Simple, Healthy, Tasty wouldn’t be what it is today without you! Much Love to each of you!

My Family: 2010

I have four children that we chose to educate at home and what a blessing that has been! I love them so much and I’m so grateful for the opportunity I have to spend my days with them. I have an AMAZING husband who is so patient with me and has always tried to be supportive even though that can be difficult at times! (He really, really didn’t like sprouts at first! But he needs to tell you that story! ;) These people are my whole world and words can’t express how much they mean to me! They are also great at making healthy choices and I’m so proud of them for that!

When I finally figured out the principles behind Simple, Healthy, Tasty I knew healthy didn’t have to be hard or taste bad. With a little time and practice I started to figure out how to have my cake and EAT it too, without all the bad side effects. I began to do what I call healthifying, (I think I made up that word I had never heard it before and spell check always tells me it’s wrong) I take fun, comforting, very unhealthy Standard American versions and I make them well Healthy! I personally think it’s the best of both worlds. I don’t feel guilty for eating the foods I love, I can eat what I want, I don’t gain the weight and BIG BONUS it’s nourishing to my body. Some of the recipes are obviously more nourishing then others but none of them contain all the chemicals and disease causing ingredients that are so prevalent today! I base everything I make around whole food ingredients!

I also love that not only do whole foods taste good and nourish us but that they can also heal us too. I studied with the School of Natural Healing and became a Nutritional Herbologist! You can read more about that here! I really received my nutritional foundation from them. I have continued to learn and study and I absolutely love all of God’s wonderful healing plants! They are mild food with the ability to heal so much! I always say that God is by far the smartest scientist I know and the one I totally trust!

Me and my two beautiful daughters

Mostly I love my Savior Jesus Christ he has been my friend through it all! He is the ultimate healer and I know he loves us all so much! I believe in the family and that it is the basic unit of society. My goal is to not only help families become more healthy but to become stronger in every way. I believe that you nourish much more then the body when you have your family sit down to a healthy homemade meal. There is just something about family meal time that creates strong families! It seems like such a simple thing but with the family being attacked from all sides I believe that something so simple can have a huge impact for good. My vision is that we can save the family unit one Simple, Healthy, Tasty meal at a time!

My Family: November 2012