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One day last year I was at my Mom's and she had just mixed up something that looked like salsa only it tasted different. She said it was Bruschetta and that you have it on toast or crackers. I had heard of Bruschetta and maybe even had some before but not that tasted like this.

I just love the way fresh basil and tomatoes taste together and right then I knew that I was going to have to be sure to plant plenty of basil so I could make some fresh Bruschetta. It's so simple to make and has a yummy Italian flare you could add balsamic vinegar instead of lemon juice which is good. I just like the fresher flavor of the lemon.

And just so you know I have plenty of basil still growing if you need some! ;)

6-8 large fresh garden tomatoes, chopped
1 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 teaspoons lemon juice (or to taste)
8-10 leaves of fresh basil, sliced into thin ribbons
1 teaspoon Kosher Real Salt (to taste)
fresh ground pepper (to taste)

Mix everything together in a bowl. Spoon onto toasted baguettes or sourdough artisan bread.

My Weekly Meal Plan

This week has been very full! In the midst of what has been known as "Bundle Week" I have also had plenty of harvest to put up, preserve and EAT! ;) I made more Salsa and Pickles this week, Pear Sauce, Pear Butter and Dried Pears. Barley Soup, more salsa, probably some spaghetti sauce and more stuff with pears is on the to do list this week! It's such a wonderful time of year I just love it!

Since this is the VERY LAST DAY and your last chance to be able to get this super fabulous Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle  
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I'm going to take one more time to recap some more of what I am and will enjoy learning from that's included! To make it simple (since there are so many and it could get long) I have picked my top 10 favorites. In no particular order. ;)

1. The whole eCourses section!

I tend to be a more visual, auditory, hands on type learner and although I love, love, love reading.....when I want to go deeper I enjoy having someone walk me through things by telling and showing me. I have already been through the making herbs simple course and can't wait to do the essential oils course.....yep you read that right and ESSENTIAL OILS course that costs $95 on it's own but comes with the bundle for less than $30 for everything. No brainier I know!


2. The Eczema Cure
I mentioned this earlier this week that although my family personally has not had to deal with Eczema I know and have known a lot of people who do. I get asked a lot what I would do for it. I have always felt that I have never had enough info to share with them about it. This book alone costs nearly the price of the bundle. ($29.95)

3. The Bonus Offers
I'm not one that usually gets excited about extra freebies.....most of the time I feel like the price of shipping doesn't really make it cost effective and not really worth it to me. Most of the time there are one or two I will redeem and of course I always sign up for the online/digital products that have no shipping. But this time I have redeemed EVERY SINGLE ONE of these offers! All of the shipping was very reasonable and all had things I was interested in or have been wanting an needing. It's awesome check out the bonus offers!


4.  Natural Soap Making
I love the idea of making my own soap and have for years now! Honestly though I have never actually made my very own batch of soap. It just hasn't made it to the top of the to do list yet but one day I will be a soap maker because I know I will just love it and the recipes in this book will be my first resource. Jan is so creative with the types of soaps and of course I love that she uses healing herbs in them too!

5. GNOWFGLINS Membership discount.....A HUGE DISCOUNT!
This actually isn't part of the bundle.....and it hasn't been talked a lot about. But some of you may have seen it when you where purchasing your bundle. It's an optional add on for free videos and a full membership to GNOWFGLINS. I have been a member for a long time now and last year I signed up as a full member and have been taking the courses and I am learning so much. I'm signing up again this year because there are still lots of courses I haven't been through and Wardeh adds more all the time. Also she is giving away all her past thank you videos which are some of my favorites. It all retails for more than $800 but if you choose this add on it is less than 100 bucks.


6. Essential Oils & Natural Health eCourse
Okay I know I already mentioned this as part of number one when I talked about all the eCourses being offered. I'm just really excited to deepen my knowledge of essential oils. It's $95 retail but this one IS INCLUDED as part of your bundle purchase!!!!


7. Crazy for Kale
I love all the health benefits of kale and have just begun to realize all the other ways I can use it besides smoothies and kale chips. I have started cooking with it more and I'm thrilled to have many more ideas and recipes that include kale! It grows all summer here and well into the winter here so it's a good one to know how to use!

8. Gardening & Homesteading Section
I told you the other day about my secret dream I have just about finished Natural Homestead and have been eying the others. Can't wait to dig deeper. My Mom and Grandma were both farm girls.....maybe its just in my blood. ;)


9. The Granola Book
I have also mentioned how much we like to make and EAT granola around here you know I'm all for simple but when it comes to variety of food and flavors one really can't have too many recipes! We have our current favorites for a while then we are ready to experiment and try something new.

10. Smoothies, Smoothies, Smoothies
I explained the other day why I love to drink and recommend other drink smoothies on a regular basis. I think you are going to enjoy the variety of smoothie recipes that are in the bundle not to mention all the tips and ideas for making your own great smoothie recipes!

11. Special Diets Section
Okay Okay I know I said top 10 but as I'm still digging into This Healthy Living Library I find more and more that I want to read or at least peruse. Our family has been very blessed not to deal with lots of allergies at least to foods and I'm so thankful for that but I do know so many people and it seems more and more all the time who are dealing with some serious food intolerance's and allergies I want to learn and understand more about that and maybe be able to contribute some healthy tasty recipes for those with bad allergies to enjoy too. And also learn about hope, help and healing.

I know there are other gems in here too that I haven't even got to but hopefully you can see that it truly is a spectacular deal and I hope you know I wouldn't recommend anything that I wouldn't love and use myself. I have a winter of busy studies ahead of me and well......since I can't garden here during the winter I couldn't be more thrilled.

Again I really don't want you to miss out because this group of eBooks, eCourses, freebies etc. wont be available like this ever again.  

IT ALL ENDS TONIGHT AT 11:59 pm! Be sure not to miss out.

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Alrightythen how about this weeks meal plan! ;)

My Weekly Meal Plan

Stir Fry

Taco Sundays with FRESH SALSA straight from the garden YUM!

Barley Soup (I'll be canning it might as well have some for dinner too right)

Chili Cheese Fries

Artichoke Tomato Alfredo


Crock Pot Ratatouille

Almond Milk, Stretch Your Dollar Recipe

So I told you I would share my almond milk recipe that I have been putting in my latest favorite smoothie.
Now just so you know I don't consider this a nice rich creamy drink alone type milk...although some of my kids like drinking it straight from a glass.

This recipe is fairly dilluted compared to a lot of the others out there and because I wanted it to use mainly for smoothies or as milk in baking that it didn't need to be as thick either so I didn't bother with adding Irish moss or guar gum to give it a thicker, creamier texture. You could though if you wanted too.  Anyway just don't expect it to be a super tasty drink on it's own. That's a recipe for another time.

I like this recipe because IT'S CHEAP. I only use 1 cup of almonds and it makes 2 quarts of milk. It really helps that dollar stretch. Plus you are basically using raw sprouted almonds so it's full of enzymes and good nutrition. I also make sure and use the leftover almond pulp in pancakes or granola or something. Yep there will be recipes once they are perfected. ;)

Okay know that you don't need a high powered Blendtec Blender to make almond milk. The almonds are soaked and soft and there is plenty of water so a regular blender should work just fine.

I put a colander over a bowl and then place the nut milk bag in the colander it just makes it easier.

Then I usually just clip the bag closed and let it sit there and drain on it's own for a little while. After a bit or longer depending......you know how it is for Mom's ;) I then squeeze the rest of the milk out then finish making the milk. I put the pulp in the fridge to use later and rinse out the bag right......it cleans up really easy especially if you have got most of the liquid out of it.

Simple Cheap Almond Milk
1 cup almonds soaked in water overnight
8 cups water, divided
1/4 teaspoon real salt
20-30 drops liquid stevia, vanilla flavored

Drain water off the soaked almonds and rinse. Discard soak water. In blender blend the almonds and 4 cups of water until very well blended. Then strain through a nut bag or cotton cloth (see pictures above to see how I do it.) Pour strained milk into 2 quart pitcher, add 4 more cups of water the salt and stevia. Refrigerate and use within about a week. Stir well before each use. Save almond pulp in fridge to add to muffins, pancakes, granola etc.

Just a couple more days and The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle will be gone!

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I was looking at this book about Kale last night and since I still have lots of kale growing outside I'm excited to see all the fun ways to use it that even I haven't thought of! Hello Curried Carrots and Kale and Sneaky Chocolate Shake!


Of course this granola book caught my eye too! There are some great tips and ways of making granola so it turns out really good and not so chewy although sometimes I think a good jar workout never hurt anyone. ;) We make a lot of granola around here and I'm thrilled to have all these added recipes. I also like the idea of adding juice as part of the wet ingredients.......oh so many great ideas. As soon as my kitchen is cleaned up from all the fall harvest food preservation I'm going to try out some recipes!

And I almost feel silly saying this but I found myself really taken by this Natural Homestead book. I'm not sure why but something about living on a homestead really appeals to me. It's like a secret dream that I don't like to talk about much because I don't think I'm capable of that much work. Maybe it's all the Little House on the Prairie that we read to the kids but it just seems so romantic to me. I don't know I'm sure if I ever get the chance to try it I will wonder what the heck was I thinking but for now a girl can dream right! Don't tell but I'm nearly through this book! And I'm eying the other books in the Gardening and Homesteading group.

Sale ends at 11:59pm on Monday, September 15th. See all the details here.
This sale is now over if you would like to be notified of future sales that are similar click here subscribe to the newsletter.

Dill Pickles

Alright I'm so excited to share this pickle recipe with you but first because it's only around for a few more days (Monday, September 15th to be exact) I have to share more about the bundle. Sorry for those who already have theirs and are getting tired of hearing about it.......but it's so limited time I don't want anyone to miss out!

This sale is now over if you would like to be notified of future sales that are similar click here subscribe to the newsletter.

I just thought I would take just a quick minute and share of few of the other resources that I'm excited about!

As soon as all my canning and preserving is done for the season I'm diving right into the Essential Oils and Natural Health ecourse!

I have grown to really appreciate the role of essential oils in my natural healthy lifestyle and I do have a few favorite brands. But mostly my expertise is more in herbs and I feel I lack the kind of knowledge I would like to have about essential oils. But I have been having a hard time finding classes that weren't brand specific and I want my knowledge to be more general. Although I have liked learning about what the different brands have to offer and do find much of what they teach to be very informative I'm just really excited to go about it in a more unbiased way.

Like herbs I use essential oils very often and would just like to be more educated about them. So when I saw that this $95 course was included with the bundle.....lets just say I would buy the bundle just for that course!

This sale is now over if you would like to be notified of future sales that are similar click here subscribe to the newsletter.

I'm excited about this whole section......I guess it's just my passion! I have already started reading a few of these books The Eczema Cure is one I have been wanting to read for a while although my family has not really had to deal with eczema I know a lot of people who do and I would just really like to know more about it. I have also started reading The Healthy Home Economist's book and already found myself reading quotes to my husband out of it......and that was just the introduction!

And then Can I get a Pickle without Yellow Number 5 Please? really resonated with me because I have spent so much time at the grocery store just looking for a jar a pickles without food coloring in them! They can be really tricky to find. The book goes into the history of food coloring, asks about their safety, talks about everyday foods that contain artificial dyes and gives you practical alternatives to ditch the dyes. Really it was love at first sight! ;)

I have personally found that food dyes have no place in my home.......they make me irritable, cranky and depressed and I have seen them make my kids (some more than others) down right mean and aggressive when they are not normally.  Which is why we now grow our own pickling cucumbers and dill and why I'm excited to share this awesome recipe with you!

Last year my Sister Emily found a great pickle recipe that her and her family just love. We got together at our Mom's house last Summer and made some and my family also decided they really liked these pickles. This year I made sure we grew lots of dill and cucumbers and adapted the recipe just a bit to make it to be enough to fill 7-8 quarts that fit into my canning pot. Knowing that I can also easily double it to fill up both my canning pots if needed.

So once I thought I had enough dill, garlic and cukes to make a batch I went to work excited to start filling my empty jars. Well of the 7 jars I first made this..........

.....happened to 2 of the jars while canning. I had my jars and brine pretty darn hot but obviously not hot enough and the quick dip in the boiling water shocked them. I have had a jar break once in a great while but really only one or two that I can remember in my whole canning career. So to have 2 in one batch led me to believe that these were not good odds and that I needed to figure out a way to make it much less likely.

You see the problem is that if you want crispy pickles you can't just place them in cold water and let it slowly come to a boil and then boil for 20 minutes. When you do that you get yummy pickles but they are pretty soft and overcooked. Great to chop up and add into Chickpea sandwiches maybe but not as good for crunching on.

So Ryan and I did a little brain storming to try to figure out how to greatly decrease the shock factor for the jars without going to the hassle of preheating them in the oven and still risking some shock factor since they cool off so fast.

I think we figured it out because we tried 2 more batches, 14 more jars, and not a one of them broke. Then just last night I made 2 more batches, yep again 14 more jars they all sealed up nicely and again no breaky!

Read the recipe below to see what worked!
NOTE: It may all seem a little complicated and overwhelming but trust me it's actually the quickest canning project I have done since they only need 5 minutes in the water. Me and one person helping can whip up the 2 batches start to finish in about an hour.

Quick Crispy Dill Pickles
3 cups water
3 cups apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup Real Salt
6-8 large pickling cucumbers, sliced (enough to fill 7-8 quarts)
28-30 cloves of garlic, about 4 bulbs, peeled
8-14 sprigs of dill

You will also need 7-8 clean wide mouth jars with rings and new lids and your other water bath canning supplies hopefully a pot with a good rack that will set above the pot like this one.

In a large pot bring the water, vinegar and salt to a boil. This is your brine.

In your canning pot fill it with enough water that it WILL NOT overflow when you place full jars down in. On my pot this is about 1/2 inch above the first line but your pot may not have "lines" so figure out what it is BEFORE you try it with boiling water.

Place the pot of water on the stove on high then place the rack on the pot lifted up out of the water. You are going to place your filled jars on here as the water comes to a boil. This way the steam will warm up the jars so they won't break. Placing the lid to the pot on top of the jars will speed this up some, note that the lid will be on top of the jars not on top of the pot because the jars are not down in the water yet.

In each jar place 1 or 2 sprigs of dill 3 or 4 cloves of garlic and as many sliced cucumbers as you can fit. Then using a funnel, pour the boiling brine into each jar and place a sterilized lid and ring on each jar. Be sure to use a hot pad to do this because the jars are hot now.

Once all jars are filled, and on the rack with lid over them as soon as the water comes to a boil VERY CAREFULLY lower the rack and jars into the boiling water. Place the lid on the pot and set the timer for only 5 minutes. AS SOON as five minutes are up quickly take the jars out with a jar lifter and set them on a heat proof surface to cool. As they cool the lids should seal. If by chance you have one that doesn't seal you will want to store it in the fridge but all that have sealed will store well on a pantry or food storage room shelf for at least a year probably longer.

Peaches 'N Almond Green Smoothie with Oats

Most of you know that I'm a big smoothie fan! So some of the first books that caught my eye from THE BUNDLE where ones about smoothies. Very often I will get people talking to me about health and diet and they will ask me what is the first thing they should start doing if they want to be healthier.

I always tell them to start drinking green smoothies. Well honestly the first thing I tell them is to get all non-food items out of their diet. But when I go on to explain what that means like soda, junk food, ingredients you can't pronounce etc......And they look at me like that's impossible.....I then tell them to just try drinking a green smoothie most every day.

I tell people that because I know it only takes a few minutes of their time and is actually faster then fixing a breakfast or lunch. I also know that you can usually have quite a bit of healthy stuff that most people don't care for in them and have them taste good. And then I know that if someone starts putting that kind of nutrition into their bodies on a regular basis cravings for the non-foods start to get less and less and then guess what.......they actually start doing the very thing I suggested in the first place. And they don't really even know it's happening.

It's totally not about deprivation, overwhelm and giving up things you enjoy it's about filling up your life with things that are better and when you are fully nourished there simply isn't room for the junk food.


I have participate in The 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge a couple of times now and I have thought about buying their book more than once......so let's just say I was thrilled when I saw it was part of the bundle! When you drink smoothies on a regular basis you can never have too many recipes. I keep it simple by doing one kind for a while until it gets boring then I try another it makes it easy to be sure I have the ingredients I need that way.

Then when I saw Smoothie Secrets Revealed I was super curious.....I had not seen this book before so I opened it up and lets just say I'm giddy to have this book. It is full of color, pictures and information. The geek in me loves the info on detox and gut health but the less geek in me enjoys that it's in easy to understand terms with lots visual charts and things.

It goes into the different fruits and vegetables and nut milks, even fermented foods you can put in smoothies too. You will get the anatomy of a smoothie and the secret smoothie formula! Not to mention lots and lots of smoothie recipes and even recipes to make your own nut milks etc. And I have only scratched the surface I can't wait to dig deep into this book. It seems like it was written just for me!

Alright how about my current favorite smoothie recipe!

I seem to be one that kind of craves the same kind for a while and have it a lot then decide to switch it up.......OR maybe it's because Costco quits selling the super yummy super affordable organic frozen pineapple so I'm not making this smoothie as much. :( Boohooo!

One thing that I really love about smoothies is that you can pack so much fruit and veggies along with other healthy add-ins like herbs etc. Sometimes though I like to keep it really simple like this one but it's still not lacking in tons of nutrition.

I usually like to make my smoothies pretty thick almost like soft ice cream but I'm finding that the frothy runny milk shake texture is also super yummy. I love how the blended chia, oat, flax mixture actually lends to it's creamy texture not to mention upping the nutrients.

I also have been really enjoying making my own almond milk. I have found a simple AFFORDABLE way to make it that works great for smoothies. It may not be the best kind to drink plain (although Charly really likes it) but it works awesome for smoothies and saves me lots of money plus it's raw so it's much healthier. I'll share my recipe soon!

Oh by the way do you like my new glass straw? I got it from Strawesome I love their glass straws and I happened to have a $15 gift certificate to use that I got as part of The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Sale so I grabbed me a couple more straws!

Peaches 'N Almond Green Smoothie with Oats
3 cups almond milk
1-2 Tablespoons chia, oat, flax mix (recipe below)
1 large handful spinach
1 small handful baby kale or baby greens blend
2 frozen bananas
2 cups frozen peaches

Place all ingredients except frozen fruit into blender and blend until smooth and frothy then add the frozen fruit and blend again until smooth and frothy ;) Then pour into glasses (preferably canning jars) and enjoy!

Chia, Oat, Flax Mix
1 part chia seed
3 parts regular rolled oats
1 part golden flax seed

Place all ingredients into a seed and/or coffee grinder or I find my bullet works really well. And blend into a kind of fine a little bit course powder. ;)

You can choose whatever you want to equal a part like a Tablespoon if you only want to make a little or a  measuring cup if you want to make a lot and store it in the fridge. I usually use 1/4 cup and keep one or two weeks worth in the fridge.

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The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2014

We all want to make better health and lifestyle decisions for ourselves and those we love. We want to lose some weight, have more energy, use greener products, create nutritious meals for our families, get fit, and feel confident that we’re doing all we can to prevent serious diseases.

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My Personal Added Bonus

As you hopefully all know the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle sale starts TOMORROW! You should also know that my Breakfast book is part of that bundle along with a huge collection of other healthy living ebooks, ecourses that I can't wait to start taking and lots of super bonuses.

I will direct you to all of the details tomorrow and at the risk of sounding salesy I really think this is the best bundle yet! There will be something for everyone of all degrees of health and ways of eating. Now just know even I get a little overwhelmed with all the info and things included in these big bundle sales......But I have learned that you don't have to eat the whole elephant.....just look at the things you are interested in and could benefit from. I think you will find that even at that it's still an awesome deal!

I will try to share some of the things that have really caught my eye throughout the sale since I'm sure some of you share similar interests as me otherwise you probably wouldn't be here. ;)

Alright and even though the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle includes so much.....I always like to offer my own personal added bonus because to be honest I get a pretty good commission when you buy the bundle from my link and these bundle sales help pay bills for this blog more than any other thing I have tried. Ultimate Bundles has come up with a great business model and it benefits everyone involved....the customer, the little blogger, the big blogger, the bonus partners.....it's just super and everyone is so wonderful to work with.

It's not really about the money this blog is more of a passion and a hobby and has not ever really broke even.....but it's totally worth it because I get emails on a fairly regular basis from people telling me their lives and the lives of their families has changed in part because of inspiration they received here. That is better payment than anything! But unfortunately it doesn't keep the bills for this blog paid.

So as an added bonus when you purchase this years Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle through my affiliate link and let me know by email you will get my newest ebook My Simple Healthy Life and the Simple Healthy Handout Variety Pack.

Below is a list of the handouts included in the pack:

  • Intro to Grains Handout
  • Spice Labels
  • Simple Healthy Pantry Handout (what I buy and where I get it)
  • Homemade Seasoning Labels
  • Green Smoothies Recipe Handout
  • Using Food Storage Handout
  • Homemade Bath and Beauty Labels
  • Homemade Vanilla Extract Labels
  • Christmas Tags
  • Cutting and Increasing a Recipe Handout
  • My Ingredients List Handout (what to look for when reading food labels)
  • Simple Healthy Pantry List Handout
  • Healthy Dinners and Snack Ideas Handout
Just my way of saying I can't thank you enough! 

    By the way remember you can earn a free bundle if you refer 10 friends but this ends as soon as the sale begins tomorrow morning!

    My Weekly Meal Plan

    This week among the harvesting, canning, and other fun events (see below) I did manage to start reading and looking through the awesome resources that are in The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle that goes on sale this Wednesday and will last for only 6 days or until 30,000 bundles are sold whichever comes first. I can't wait to share more about it with you on Wednesday.

    A lot happened this week but to keep from going on too long I will just highlight the fun events and things I actually took pictures of.

    On Labor Day Ryan took the younger kids fishing with Grandpa and some cousins. Curt caught his first fish (yeah we aren't big fishermen around here) and cleaned it and cooked it up and even ate some! He actually thought it was quite good I thought it was pretty fishy tasting.

    I have never been a huge fish fan although I did have some fresh caught Wild Alaskan Salmon this Summer that I thought was pretty good and didn't have much fishy flavor. But the trout kind of just tastes like fishy lake water to me. ;)

    He was pretty proud of himself and now has earned his fishing merit badge.

    Missy was asked to the homecoming dance by a good friend of hers. There was a stack of books on her desk Thursday morning when she got to Seminary with a paper on it saying...."Missy I heard this vicious rumor that you like to read!" Then there where page numbers, paragraph numbers, words and letters she had to find throughout the books. It took here a little while but she figured it out.

    When I took this picture of her I told her that it doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary she sits on the floor reading through books on a very regular basis. It was cute! Today she snuck a pack of highlighters in his bag that said on the back......"It would be the highlight of my night." She had he brother help her out and they managed it without him seeing.

    On Saturday my baby girl was baptized by her Dad! I was so proud of her she has been looking forward to this for such a long time! She was so excited!

    Saturday morning she woke up not feeling very good she said she was just thirsty and not hungry I was worried she was maybe coming down with something then as I paid attention I could tell she wasn't feverish or sick she was just super excited and her nerves were getting the best of her.

    She got dressed and then felt a little better so then she had breakfast. Once we got to the church and I was helping her change into her jumper I could tell she still wasn't feeling really well. I asked her if she was okay and she said "Yes I'm fine......It's just so much excitement for one day!"

    I thought that she described it perfectly! It was a lot of excitement for one day for one little girl but I just told her to breathe and that everything would be all right. The Lord was with her. Well she sang with her cousins and brother and was baptized and confirmed and was excited and happy the entire time.

    I don't remember my other kids being quite so excited and nervous so this was a little different for me but Charly handled it with lots of grace and I was so proud of her!

    My Weekly Meal Plan

    Stir Fry with Garlic Sauce (I know this recipe will be so dang good once I figure out the "secret ingredient" that will make it a super yummy garlic sauce)


    Zucchini Noodles with sauteed Vegetables

    Veggie Burgers made with lots of Zucchini (haven't found or come up with a recipe for these yet but I want to because zucchini bread doesn't seem to use up enough zucchini either does adding it into every dish we make ;)

    Roasted Veggie Quinoa Salad


    Crock Pot Lasagna