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Navajo Fry Bread

Also known as Scones with Honey Butter where I come from! ;)

Navajo Fry Bread
1 recipe Best Yet Whole Wheat Bread
Coconut oil for frying

After mixing dough you may let it rise or if you are short on time you may immediately roll it out.  It should be lighter if you let it rise a bit.  Roll out into a rectangle that is 1/2" thick.  Cut into small rectangles or squares about 3"x4" or 3"x3".  I use a small plastic pizza cutter to do this.  In a small frying pan heat coconut oil.  I usually have enough oil to have it be about 1/2" deep.  Gently place 2-3 squares (what ever you have room for) in pan fry until golden brown on the bottom then with tongs flip the Navajo Fry Bread and cook until golden brown on the other side.  Then remove to a plate covered with a paper towel.  Spread with favorite topping and enjoy!  We like the Honey Butter recipe below!  Some people like to sprinkle them with powdered sugar, if you want to do this you could powder some raw sugar in the blender and it would work well.  Makes lots and lots!

Honey Butter
Coconut oil, melted or softened
1 drop natural butter flavor, optional
Cinnamon, optional

I usually take whatever coconut oil is left from frying and use it to make the honey butter with.  Use about equal parts honey and coconut oil or to taste.  Sprinkle in a little cinnamon if desired.  Coconut oil hardens as it cools so it can be a spread or you can keep it warm so it's pourable.  Either way this is an excellent, rich tasting, easy and healthy honey butter!

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Emily said...

I'm ganna make this tonight I hope I can stick my bread dough in the fridge and it not be ruined by tonight. :) It still raises quite quickly in the fridge I noticed. Well, thanks. :) Emily

Emily said...

I made the dough in the morning and saved some for dinner by refrigeration, and oh boy they puffed up like a pillow in the oil and it was as good as a doughnut with honey butter on it, yum yum yum. We had sort of a mix of brown spanish rice with a bit of salad stuff a slight dusting of meat, and refried beans~yum!