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How Much Time Do You Spend?

I make most things from scratch and I have many people ask me where I find the time to make healthy meals and homeschool my four children. Most Mom's don't seem to have much time to spend in the kitchen and are completely overwhelmed by the fact that we all need to eat a bit healthier. Anyway I couldn't help but wonder and smirk a bit when people ask me where I find the time to "do it all!" So lately when my husband comes home and we sit down to dinner I will tell him how much time I spent in the kitchen that day. He is usually surprised and I think you may be too. (Remember the first word in the title SIMPLE;) But before I share my findings I want to hear from you!

Hey I have a question! I want to know how much time you spend in your kitchen each day! You don't have to time yourself or write it down. Just a simple average will do. I don't care if it just time to toss the frozen pizza in the oven or the TV dinner in the Microwave and throw the paper plates away on your way out the door to a soccer game. Maybe you are making all your meals from scratch and eating on fancy china. I am very interested in knowing the average amount you spend in the kitchen everyday! I have been paying attention for a while to how much time I spend in my kitchen.

On average how much time to you spend in your kitchen each day????

Also stay tuned I made healthy stawberry jam last night it was so simple. Today we are going to make bread to go with it. I will be posting the recipes soon!!!!!


Emily said...

Well, it sorta depends. Like on days that we eat only cold cereal....10 minutes tops.:) But on days that I actually cook something for reals....at least an hour. Baking is a little different, like when making bread....there is always the rise time...do I count that too. Because I tell ya what...I usually don't stay in the kitchen while the dough is rising...that's for sure. Hmmmmm...This question is a little challenging. :) I'm gonna say an hour. On average...1 hour. When Bryan calls to say he is on his way home from work...that's my cue. BUT that's only counting the dinner meal. The rest is smoothies, cold cereal, warm cereal, no brainers, sandwiches, left-overs or fend-for-yourselfers! :)

Please tell me you can cut my time in half! :)

Love ya tons! Can't wait to get that strawberry jam recipe...we go through strawberry jam quicker than toilet paper.

Katie H. said...

Thanks for your wonderful inspiring pictures of food! Your reciepe's are always so good. I cannot wait to try more.

I'll have to start tracking how much time I spend in the kitchen. I am trying to get the meals planned ahead so I can use the traditional methods. So much to practice! Isn't it great.
Miss you too!

Tammie said...

Hey Em thanks for making me chuckle as usual! I was totally picturing you watching your bread rise and not being able to leave the kitchen. NO only time YOU have to spend in the kitchen in between rising;) Or like if you had a soup to cook all day in the crockpot totally don't count the 8 hours of slow cooking ;)

Amy said...

I have to side with Emily, probably an hour a day, but that is only when I don't go all out or bake.


Lindsay said...

Hey There,
K so I don't do a lot of cooking and cereal doesn't take much time so I don't spend a lot of time in the kitchen! :)... lol.... but I just wanted to say hi and let ya know I love your blog! You are so creative! :) anyways hope all is well....
Lindsay H.


Amber said...

This is a great blog. I've been on this same journey for about 4 1/2 yrs. now. Dinner is at least an hour, usually 1 1/2 hours. Smoothies in the morning take 20 min. Lunch is easy, but it takes time to dish up. Wheatgrass juice takes about 30 min. ( I have 5 kids and most of the time is spent getting them to drink there portion, waiting for them to come!) Then it takes at least an hour every night to clean the kitchen. I would love to hear what you eat on a given day to see how I can maybe shorten my efforts!! It is definitely a journey!!

I have recipes at www.greattimetolive.com

Tammie said...

jaradoron: Lets see. We usually have green smoothies in the morning and a lot of times the kids will make them some oatmeal or have some of my homemade granola so they are "full." (I have now taught the kids to make green smoothies too so 0 minutes for me in the kitchen but a green smoothie takes me about 10 minutes or less.) For lunch it's usually left overs from dinner with salad or fruit. If there aren't left overs I like to have a tomato and sprout sandwich (or other type of veggie sandwich or really just a huge salad is great for me and the kids like that a lot too.) The kids sometimes make a Peanut Butter and Honey sandwich if there is nothing else. They have also had an apple or other piece of fruit by now too. (Again they make their own and I can sometimes get them to make mine. But I spend about 20 minutes for lunch.) Then with dinner I always try to have lots of raw stuff usually in the form of a great big salad and then to satisfy my hubby and so I don't have to buy greens everyday I will make something more filling just check out all my recipes on here. One of our very favorites is the taco sundays on this blog it's so fast and easy and has tons of raw stuff yet is very very filling. I spend about 20-30 minutes preparing dinner sometimes more sometimes less just depending on what we are having. Then the KIDS clean up after. I think it's mostly about having your pantry and fridge stocked with the things you need with the stuff you eat regularly. Also teaching the children to be self sufficient cuts down on my time in the kitchen tons! I hope to post more about this I do not think we have to live in the kitchen to feed our family healthy!

P.S. What if you put the wheat grass juice in with a smoothie would your kids drink it better?