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Nachos Supreme MY Way!

You sure won't be finding this at Taco Bell ;) Although it may not be the healthiest dish out there to make it my way there will be a lot less guilt and at least some nutrition especially if you make fresh salsa! Plus last night we were out late and needed something quick. If you are like me you will frequently have some salsa and cheezy sauce already made up in the fridge. So it makes it super Simple. I actually had to whip up some Cheezy Sauce because we were out but that only took 5 minutes!

Nachos Supreme MY Way
Corn Chips (I like the baked scoops)
Cheezy Sauce (click on to get the recipe)
beans of choice we like black, pinto, or my homemade refried (just use what you have)
avocado chucks or guacamole (optional)
fresh tomato chunks (optional)

Pile on a plate and enjoy!
Really if you have the basic chips and cheezy sauce you can put what ever you want on it. I have tried making my own dehydrated corn chips before and they are pretty Tasty but I have not done it enough yet to have it be Simple ;) I want to do more of that stuff though so I will post it as I learn!

I have a really nice blender so it whips up really easy and creamy in it. If you have just a regular blender it will work I have made this recipe in one many times. You may want to add a little more water though. And be sure to put the wet ingredients in first! Also if you already have some made in your fridge it will be really thick and cold. When I want it warm and pourable I just warm it up slightly in a saucepan on the stove with a little Rice Milk. Be sure to not get it to hot or it will scorch it and be clumpy. Just have your burner quite low and don't forget about it;) It just takes a minute.


Anonymous said...

Those sure do look tasty, and I know they are! Even though the cheezy sauce can't quite replace real cheese for me, it is a wonderful substitute...especially since it is all healthy. Keep bloggin, I love to read it! And I sure do love you! Mom

Kate said...

This looks so darn good! Can't wait to try it. I have never made my own cheese sauce, it should be fun :) thanks!

Linda Gibbs said...

This looks so yummy! I love to find good things that are healthy, but the taste isn't scarificed. Thanks!!!