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We Eat Cake and Pizza Too!

I made this cake for my oldest son's birthday it's an Applesauce Bundt Cake.

 And It tasted really good!

I even made a maple icing and put on top of it. (pretty sweet for me but for a party it was fun) I thought for sure I had an instant favorites recipe it came out of the pan so great and looked super moist. BUT when I cut into it and tried to put a piece on a plate it fell apart and was super crumbly. It had great flavor but was way to crumbly I'm not sure why it was but I will have to play with it a figure it out! Don't worry when I do you will be the first to get the recipe!


Also for his Birthday my son asked for pizza! It's not something we have often mainly cause I'm not organized enough think ahead and have some of it made in advance. I did make the crusts the night before and partially cooked them which made it lots easier the next day. Also when I make it I can't just make one kind so that makes it a little more tedious too! I'm sure with more practice I can learn to streamline it and make it more Simple! If you figure out some great tricks please share! Pizza is just such a fun food!


Alright for the crust you of course you can use the Best Yet Whole Wheat Bread recipe one batch makes 2 large or 3 medium crusts. Or you can use this Whole Wheat Pizza Crust recipe that makes 4 large crusts. Both are very good! I have found that baking them half way (before they turn golden brown) before you put on the toppings makes it so you are sure to not have soggy crust in the center of your pizza. It does work to put the toppings on before you bake the crust but it just takes longer to have the center of the pizza be done!
If I have a jar of pasta sauce (with good ingredients of course;) I will sometimes use it on the pizza but usually I just make my own the recipe I posted just below!

Now toppings are pretty much up to you. The picture of the first pizza has spinach, marinated
artichoke hearts, pineapple, olives, onion and my Mozzarella Cheese recipe. The second one has onions, mushrooms, olives, green peppers, and my cooked Savory Sausages crumbled. The Cheese on that pizza is just the Cheezy Sauce recipe mixed with a little rice milk to thin and sometimes a little organic sugar to sweeten. I usually just melt it at a very low heat on the stove. (don't scorch!) The last pizza picture is a very veggie with zucchini, corn, tomatoes, peppers, onions, what ever veggies you want to throw on really. It also has the Mozzarella Cheese. We have made some without the "cheese" sauces and just used more pizza sauce with the veggies so it's not dry and it's good that way. You can also sprinkle Italian seasonings on top that's good too! I think if I would just stick with one kind at a meal it would be much more simple but I think it's fun to have different kinds to choose from! Have fun and let me know what you come up with!


The Cooking Lady said...

I officially hate you! That is becasue I am soooooo jealous and I will explain.

We have been searching for a good pizza dough recipe and have not found one. The one we are using is our bread recipe and it is OK, but I would so prefer a really good pizza dough. That photo is just off the scale grand. It is purdy!

We have pizza about once a week. So this may be on our menu before we get lowed over by Ike. Got to love FLorida!!

Thanks for these recipe, you are the bomb.

Emily said...

I officially love you! :) I love the story about the time we came to visit you and you made this pizza for us...savory sausages and all. That was dreamy!

Thanks for all of your fabulous food recipes...you're a doll!

Felis said...

I was outside hunting for tomato worms and I could swear that I smelled pizza. So I came in and started surfing the web for a yummy pizza recipe. Without much luck I thought, I'll just mosey on over to Tam's blog and see if she HAPPENS to have one. When LO AND BEHOLD! YIPPIE!!! I am so excited, and so starving. I'm gonna go try it out right now. Thanks for the EPS post sis. Love ya like a pizza buffet!

Anonymous said...

Those were fantastic...I am so glad we happened by for the Birthday party and got to share the fun and the great food. you are truly a healthy food artiste', and I am more than a little proud !!!! I love you! Mom

Kimberley said...

Do you have a recipe for the bundt cake it looks delicious?

Tammie said...

Kimberly: I do but it turned out really crumbley. I hope to play with it so it won't be. As soon as I do I will post it!

Emily said...

My son had a bad cold whom I am nursing so to cut down on mucous forming agents, I made myself a pizza using your cheesy sauce. Knock my socks off delicious! I was completely amazed! How did you ever come up w/ that recipe!

I used to pre-cook my crusts to avoid sogginess, but let me share a juicy tip someone shared w/ me. It seems counterintuitive to doneness in the middle, but try it!
Pre-heat your oven to like 450 or 500 and heat up your PIZZA STONE (that is essential to the equation) 20 min-upwards better to an hour...Equals althe way done crust...crisp with each bight...with a chewiness too!!! And golden cheese. yum.

Regina said...

I'm inspired by Papa Murphy's Gourmet Vegetarian Pizza which I can't eat, but I make my own and it is so good. 9 out of 10 people use Ranch dressing for the sauce, but you can make an alfredo type sauce with dill and that works too. The veggies are baby spinach, sliced zucchini, chopped red and white onions, chopped tomato, mushroom, artichoke hearts, with mozza & cheddar type cheese. I think this combination is so yummy. It is also the most popular post on my blog out of six years of posts.

Tammie said...

Regina: I would love your Pizza recipe! Do you have a link to it? Thanks, Tammie

Regina said...

here is the link. It isn't healthified yet, but you get the idea. I would probably use your ranch dressing with a bit less vinegar than usual and a bit more garlic.