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Comforting Dinner and a Sneak Peak!

Hey there I hope you are all as excited as I am about my sister Emily posting some of her Simple, Healthy, Tasty recipes here! I promise you will not be disappointed and she should liven things up here a bit too! ;) I just wanted to share a few things. We are having a bit of a cold spell here and below you will see a very tasty, warm and comforting meal I made the other night. Maybe you can try it too! Then I just thought I would give you a sneak peak at what I have been working on!

Cauliflower Curry Soup with Salad and Bread Sticks!
MMmmmMMMmm! Here it's almost dinner time you may need these links!

I garnished it with chives and roasted slivered almonds! Oh so tasty!

These and very Simple and very Tasty! Make sure your water is warmed between 110-120 degrees but NOT more then that! And this time I used agave instead of honey and dipped them in melted coconut oil mixed with a drop of butter flavor and sprinkled the tops of them with onion powder, granulated garlic, and a little sea salt!

The salad was mostly just some dark leafy greens!

Now here's just a little peak at what I have been working on!

Can you guess what it is? And could it possible be good for you and your family?!?!

Would you believe me if I told you it was dairy free and very creamy and Ummmm more than Tasty it's down right YUMMY! ;) (Yeah that's a hint any guesses? I should have the recipe perfected to post by next week! I bet you can't wait!)  For this recipe go here!


Hey it's Natée said...

It looks yummy whatever it is... I'm kind of thinking "funeral potatoes"???

fitncrafty said...

That looks delicious!!! YUMMY...Is that your bread recipe that I love to make buns and bowl out of??
Looks like scalloped potatoes to me? I will be watching for the recipe!!!

Permission to Unwind said...

Looks super yummy, Tammie!

Tammie said...

fitncrafty: Actually no this bread stick recipe is different it doesn't make as much dough it's quicker that way but I'm pretty sure I have used that same bread recipe for bread sticks too and just dipped them or brushed them with the oil.

Anonymous said...

ok, we need a drum roll !! If you have actually done it, and perfected the healthy version of funeral potatoes, you will not only be my beautiful, talented, intelligent, clever daughter...you will also be my kitchen hero! I will be waiting most anxiously for the recipe. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited just in time for Easter!

Mike and Risa said...

Dude.... dare I hope to believe that there could be edible (healthy) funeral potatoes? I hope so.... that was my favorite food at every gathering in Utah County history.... I think I would cry. You rock Tammie!