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Orange Julius

This is one super simple way to keep cool during the hot summer months.  It's mighty healthy...and, by George, it's tasty!

Orange Julius
1/2 cup water
3 oz frozen orange juice concentrate
[large heaping spoonful]
2 tsp Agave Nectar
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
Large cup of ice cubes

Blend first 5 ingredients together.  Then add ice until desired consistency.  Delightful!


Trish said...

I'm definitely going to try this one!

fitncrafty said...

Looks SO good.. must figure out why my ice maker isn't making ice the past few days..
I miss my smoothies and this one looks particularly good....
Again thanks for sharing...

Cassie said...

I will for sure try this...my 6 year old loves this drink (of course the unhealthy version)so maybe I can make this for him instead the sugary one he has had in the past.
I don't know what to do? He is on to me with the green smoothies. He refuses to drink them now because he has heard me talk about the spinach and other greens with other people. He isn't sure he likes this change we are making with our healthy life style. He is wanting sugar things more than ever. Have you had any problems like this with your kiddos? How have you dealt with it?
Have I said how much I LOVE your blog? Could you just write your own cookbook so I don't have to keep printing all of these myself :)

Tammie said...

Cassie: Transitioning can be difficult! Especially if kids are used to having things a certain way. Sugar is WAY addicting pretty much like cocaine! It is normal to really crave it more and go through "withdrawls!" I have found that having lots of yummy healthy sweets around really helps. Also be sure to NOT have the junk around AT ALL. If he has a favorite fruit be sure to have it around. And I would also make up healthy cookies, candies, and desserts like from this blog. I found I made them quite a bit at first now it's more for special occasions and things but it really seemed to help us not feel deprived!

I have never liked having power struggles with my kids over food. Especially family meal time I really think it should be a fun enjoyable experience!

I just have really focused on teaching them why it's so important to eat healthy and to give our bodies the right kind of fuel! When they are just toddlers I pretty much always gave them a choice. Like you can have what we are eating for dinner or you can have an apple. I NEVER fix more then one meal. If there isn't something on the table that they like then it's a piece of fruit I'm not fixing something else.

As they get older like 5 or 6 I ask that they at least taste what I made for dinner if they still think they hate it and I think they gave it a fair chance I will let them at that point decide if they want just the sides or some salad or something. Again I DO NOT fix something else for them. They sometimes have a very small dinner if we are not having anything they like. They always make it up the next day. I have never seen my children "starve." Again remember if they ONLY have good choices it's impossible to go wrong. NO junk food around the house to potentially snack on. They will choose the bad over the good every time. I think it's totally unfair to a child to have to choose between an apple or sugar and corn syrup filled fruit snacks in the shape of action figures. (They don't call it good marketing for nothing!) But if they are choosing between apples w/all natural peanut butter dip or an all fruit smoothie popsicle they CAN'T go wrong!

I have been amazed at how my picky 6 year old's (yep I have one too and he's a boy;) tastes will change. One fall he tried mellon and hated it the next I asked him to tase it again and he loved it and has ever since. Same thing happened with pineapple, grapes, mango, etc. He will actually sit down now and eat a green salad he would not touch ANYTHING green except for green smoothies for years. I never worried cause well he liked green smoothies. We called them swamp smoothies for a long time;) Also if you add some blue berries in them they turn purple so he will never know. I won't tell him if you won't! ;)

On a final note! Dang I should have just made a post of this! (Maybe I still will;) Sorry it's so long! Don't forget who the parent is. You have permission to be the Mom! He's only six and obviously not capable of making his diet decisions yet. You take charge he can feel like he is making choices but YOU need to be sure they are ALL good choices. As they get older and have more chances for making bad choices help them to make the connection between how they feel and what they ate. MOST importantly YOUR example and his father's example play a HUGE role! Your kids need to see you enjoying lots and lots of good healthy things. Never expect them to eat something that you would not!

Remember healthy food is fun! Your excitement is contagious! Keep up the good work!

Cassie said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your amazing advice. I just want you to know I feel like a different person...It all started when I got my year supply of food storage last fall. I started making my own whole wheat bread and I started feeling really good about making things from scratch because I finally realized I didn't want my family to be eating all the preservitives (sp?) that are in everything. Then I started making green smoothies and now we are almost completely (I am completely off) dairy and meats as well. I feel so much better mentally...my moods are better and I am not tired or depressed. Thank you for all the great recipes!
Last night we had your Fajitas and tonight we had your chilli...Fabulous. You are really doing a great service with your blog.