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Week 2

At LEAST a few times this week try having a

They are a very easy way to get a lot of servings of those fresh fruits and greens that you know you need but just can't seem find the time or the taste buds to munch them all down. This week try a few different kinds of green smoothies out! Have one at least 3 times this week and then see if you can't manage to have them at least 4 or 5 times a week for the rest of the contest! Don't worry about changing ANYTHING else this week, just notice the difference in how you feel! When I first started drinking lots of green smoothies my baby was not sleeping well at all but I found that because of the smoothies I was not tired like I should have been. I had more energy, didn't need to take expensive supplements, I gently cleansed (so expect a little of that) and I LOST weight! Just to name a few things! If you have a phobia to green foods you can start with less greens and more fruit and then as you see that there is nothing to be afraid of ;) you can add more greens.

Our nation is one of the most overfed yet undernourished countries in the world! Green Smoothies are a very simple way to add lots and lots of nourishment with very little effort! Trust me your body with thank you!!! Many of us are literally starving for nutrition and we don't even know it. We will get lots of cravings because our bodies are trying to find a way to fulfill it's nourishment NEEDS! We will gain weight and then we try to diet only to add more to the starvation. Once I found ways to truly nourish my body I found my cravings started to go away! Anymore I don't even crave junk food in fact most times I find it pretty tasteless and unappealing!

So come on give it a try! Just play with it and don't give up if you really hate the first one I promise they grow on you. Plus you can make it according to your tastes. If you really hate raspberries you don't have to put them in. Start with Spinach for the greens (since it is very mild and you won't taste it) and then you can add others for more nutrition as you start to see that the taste of green gets covered by the fruit! I have a basic recipe here on my blog. And if you think there is no way they can taste good be sure to give my Creamsicle Green Smoothie a try and I just posted a Chocolate Peanut Butter one so be sure to give it a try!

So there you have it your body will be more nourished than it has ever been! It's a great way to start the day and Matt it can EASILY and very HEALTHFULLY become a meal replacement drink unlike Slim Fast which is mostly sugar and synthetic nutrients. That will leave you wanting and will slow your metabolism WAY down because you are essentially STARVING yourself! Which will then cause you to put on weight even more easily! So forget the Slim Fast and go get you a




Nadine said...

We are now making some green smoothies...I love it...my 6 year old loves it...hubby says it ok...and I cannot get the 4 year old to touch it...but he is autistic and very picky...so I keep trying...

Thanks for the encouragements...

Emily said...

Tammy, we got a Sam's club membership so that I don't have a minimal amount of spinach to work with. We made green smoothies twice this week, and the first time it was really funny, my daughter says to the other daughter, "Don't worry, Mom didn't put in any pickle-snips." So funny. The one thing about a green smoothie to add it to my routines is I don't like to get my blender thing out and put it back. SO lazy~ And rinse the thing and find the lid. Do you usually do green smoothies as snacks, or with breakfast, and how many times a week? What other greens have you done in it? I put in some ginger to help Milly with her cold, (dry since we didn't have fresh,) but she subsequently didn't like it.
? for you is I am trying to get more motivated to just be healthy rather than noticing how my tape measure isn't budging smaller, I've always been fairly healthy cooking from scratch almost always, but I am finding out of course how long I have to go to really eat healthy... I had a baby three months ago and I am getting so annoyed over my hips which are 40 inches, thats bigger than they've ever been, and I can't really account for it either, I almost wonder if at age 33 and baby 4 if my metabolism is slowing down. So I've been healthifying treats and not really loosing inches, and I don't want to get in the trap of 'worshiping my body'. I was reading about the Babylonians and their idols that seemed so silly, and realizing hello its so tempting to not worship your body in our culture. I crave feeling small and picture myself in the most modest of clothing...but small and tiny. I just feel I am thinking about it too much. But also noticing I've really got to clean up with not picking and eating quickly, (I posted this on "Like a Lady" thread, at www.grawberriesandnuggles.hazubu.com)
I guess I'd like your feedback, when you lost that weight did you have to work on not finishing kid's meals, or if you did eating less of the meal overall, or picking, I don't like to obsess that much and just naturally really listen to my body and my inner lady-like spirit, but I think I have to clean up some habits as to not over do it in overall consumption, even healthy consumption, or I will just stay where I am at. While I am working on feeling happy where I am at, I wouldn't mind fitting back into my old clothes....or needing new ones...at all. I will continue to do these eight steps here, but would like your feed back as I've never had a huge taste for junk food and when I over eat its homemade chocolate chip cookies, or eating too many whole wheat bread crusts I carelessly ate while wiping the table. Thoughts, ideas? I may copy and paste your reply to my blog too.

Tammie said...

This comment is already way too long I’m sure it will take up at least 2 comments! ;) I should just make a post of it I actually may. I have felt the need to address weight loss more on my blog. Our society has picked up such a “dieting mentality” that it is really hard to shift gears and just trust that a healthy LIFESTYLE with move them toward their ideal weight.

If you are just looking for something that will help up metabolism and get a jump start with weight loss. I have found using herbs that help increase circulation and metabolism mainly cayenne and eating all raw foods (so fresh fruits and veggies, sprouted nuts and seeds) for a week or two seems to be very cleansing and quickly take off a few pounds. But don’t go extreme be sure to eat PLENTY, listen to your body and don’t just starve! Also remember some things do just take time and patience. I ALWAYS like to ask the Lord to help and guide me in all I do and especially with health because there are so many “other” voices out there and I just believe he knows me better then anyone!

Anyway just my thoughts sorry to go on so long. I really hope it helped answer your questions! If I missed anything be sure to let me know.

Tammie said...

Emily: I know what you mean about the blender thing. I’m lazy like that too. In fact a lot of times I try to convince my older children to make us all one so I don’t have too. ;) It doesn’t always work but sometimes! I have learned to tell myself that it really only takes 10 minutes or less of my time and really isn’t that big of a deal. It took a long time but is much more routine now then it used to be. Of course with cold weather coming I’m in the mood as often for a smoothie but I do find if I go very many days without them I start to crave them because my body knows it needs and wants that nutrition.

A green smoothie is usually my breakfast although a lot of times I will make my beet one instead. Like I say I’m more hit and miss in the winter but I try to have a green smoothie 4-6 times a week. I don’t normally take a lot of daily supplements so I look at this as kind of my daily supplement and for my kids too. As you get more accustomed to them you will want to “beef up” the nutrition in them. Beet greens are great and still very mild in flavor so a good one to add with the spinach next. Kale, and alfalfa are both excellent but have a very green flavor so you may want to start slow. Get creative you can throw almost any green in there and disguise it pretty good with berries and lemon! Greens are something that contain so much nutrition but that most people really don’t get enough of.

I almost chuckle when you talk about your hips being their biggest at 40 inches. (You are measuring the largest part right? ;) Not chuckle in a making fun sort of way but how it really is all about perspective. I think my hips are right now between 39 and 40 inches and I’m thrilled. I have learned it’s okay to be a little curvy as long as those curves are healthy curves! We are all built differently. I did find though that when I started sticking to my ingredient list quite strictly and focusing on the health that a lot of weight came off it was fairly gradual and I think I got thinner then my ideal weight for a couple of years there. But as I stayed consistent I put on a few pounds and have maintained that for the past six years. It’s not super model thin but I feel it’s healthy for me and plus I would hate it would people would say your so thin you need to eat meat! ;)

I totally agree it’s not about worshiping our bodies I don’t think that is a good thing at all. I try to be very grateful for the amazing body God has given me and try to treat it with the love and respect it deserves one way is feeding it as best as I can! It is after all the temple of my Spirit!

Oh as far as not finishing kids meals! Kids meals are OUT OF THE QUESTION! They are not even part of the equation of course that is if you are referring to the fast food kind! ;) But seriously that is what I have loved most about following ingredients, focusing on what I’m eating and making sure it is good REAL food. I never worry about calories, fat, or amount of food! ( I eat when I’m hungry and until I feel full, I do try to “listen” to my body though and not my emotions, I have been an emotional eater much of my life) I usually clean my plate but many times if I still feel hungry and get seconds but find half way through I got to much I’m not afraid to give it to someone who is still hungry or save it for lunch the next day. I do for sure over eat at times but I NEVER beat myself up about it. Like I am always saying as long as it’s really good ingredients I know it won’t do too much damage the more your body gets back to all natural too I have found that the more it lets you know enough is enough! I have found not skimping on good healthy fats when cooking helps with the feeling full sooner too! CONT...

Emily said...

Hey Tammy,

Thanks so much for answering my questions. I just feel so calm after reading your response. Thanks for the gems.
Yesterday I made some cookies with margerine and crisco, to give to our neighbor, who smokes and let us use his power saw. I thought, what a great opportunity to use up crap ingredients! :) Bad. Anyway, I ended up eating 3 yesterday and 2 today and after a Halloween ward party, I came home without eating any candy and had 3 delicious Harelson apples. I was so proud of myself and the funny thing is that those cookies didn't even taste that good to me, and I only ate a very minimal amount, for me that is :)
So if you have a green shake for breakfast (thanks for the leaf tips) does it fill you up or do you have some toast or oatmeal or something. I love that 10 minute thing, its just the emotional hurdle once you get over it its not even so bad!
Ok something else I had was so proud of is I made myself some hummus w/ chick peas, a big huge garlic clove and.... sweet red peppers and this I TREATED myself to on an emotionally bad day, because I love that kinda stuff and was listening to my spirit...isn't that cool?
We made your Mongolian dish this week, it was yummy.
I have to be careful with healthifying it has to be fairly slow or my hubby gets into such a power struggle.
You look perfect, just perfect,I am 5 foot 2 so 40 inches is rather curvy but I finally got a bigger pant and I feel pretty, it just took wearing some clothes that fit! :) I admit I love the way you do the exercise thing, I have always been far more extreme in that venue but over the past year or so have been letting it taper naturally w/ the business of homeschooling and housewifing with three children and now four and your blog coincides with the fact that its not so necessary as we think to devote as much time to. Sure it feels good for me still but it doesn't need to be full board hour shooting always for 6 days like it was for me in the past!!!
This is getting way too long.
Thanks for taking the time for my answer!!! :)

Tammie said...

Emily: You are too cute! Thanks for sharing I love hearing how things are going for you! Keep on sharing and I'm glad I'm not the only one who tends to have comments go too long! ;) I love it!!!

Emily said...

I love the feeling of when you've eaten right, I made a six grain cereal for breakfast and made your green smoothie too, and oh I feel all light and pleasant on the inside! :) :)