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You can do it!

I have a few posts here that I have decided to post! But first let me share a little background. Not long ago my neighborhood did a Biggest Loser contest! They asked me to be their nutrition consultant and to post some tips and ideas on their blog that could help them. There were some sneaky people delivering cookies to their opponents trying to sabotage their efforts! It was lots of fun but by the end of the eight weeks the group of them together had lost over 100 pounds! They also said that they had learned some things that many hoped to continue to implement and to choose to have a healthier lifestyle for not only them but their family too! This was my beginning post I hope that you can maybe benefit from them too!

To start off you are going to have to decided what you want to get out of this! Aside from building friendships, getting to know each other better and strengthening bonds, we get that either way!

My question for you is; Do you want to see long term results and renewed health that will last long after the 8 weeks are over with healthy habits that you can pass on for generations.......OR are you just wanting a quick fix, to be the Biggest Loser then go back to doing what got you here in the first place to gain it all back twice as fast and nearly twice as much and be less healthy then when you started?

My friends the choice is up to you! 
I have been on both sides of that fence and I will happily help you with either! I have crash dieted and taken off 10 pounds in a week and then found out the hard way why that is not a long term solution! (which I will be more then happy to share if you ask) I also know what it's like to finally decide that It doesn't matter what the scale says or what size my pants are, the important thing was to try to be as healthy as possible so I could pass those habits on to my children. (Quite frankly it's the kids I worry about how the heck are they going to have any chance of being a healthy adult if they grow up in this fast food nation and are not taught! It's a great motivator look around, kids these days now have diseases that only "OLD" people got when I was a kid!) I have seen the results of that decision...................here I will let you see since most of you didn't know me "before!"

(Those of you who care to read more about my personal story can do so here.)
I am hoping some of you will choose to get long term results! I am obviously bias toward that one! For those of you who do I promise you will wonder why you didn't do this sooner. I will post ONE, yep just ONE thing a week for you to implement. (First Step to be posted soon!) Each week will build on the other and you will want to continue each one throughout the 8 weeks! After that you will have some great tools to work with in deciding if you want to adopt and continue this new healthy lifestyle while molding it, of course to fit your personality! Not to mention you WILL be the Biggest Loser!!!!

But no matter what you choose I want to help and support you! Please ask lots of questions! I will answer the best I can! I have tried almost every diet out there (well at least ones that would be "legal" for this and yes Matt I have tried Slim Fast and NO Matt it's NOT healthy!) And I am willing to help you find what works for you! So let's get started!



Trish said...

Wow, how inspirational! That is awesome!

Trish said...

Wow, how inspirational! That is awesome!


Looking forward to seeing the first step for implementation! Thanks!

I also stopped by to let you know you've been awarded the "One Beautiful Blog" Award. Please stop by my blog (Uncomplicated) to pick it up!

findingtrueserenity said...

I can't wait to find out more!