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Is this for real?!?!?!

Okay maybe I'm way out of the loop or just really naive!  But are they serious?  This must be a joke!  Has anyone actually seen this in the stores?  I typically don't spend ANY time in the soda isle!  Alight I don't do this very often but real or not similar things are being marketed and I can't help but express my opinion here and sorry but I may even resort to a little sarcasm! (The not very often part meaning the sarcasm I'm always happy to express my opinion if you hadn't noticed;)

First off do you see at the bottom of the picture where they call it a "health" drink!  Really...........#$%&*^#$%???..... REALLY!!!!!!  Are we all really that stupid!?!?!?!  I can't imagine one thing being HEALTHY about coke or any other soda for that matter ORGANIC or otherwise!  My friends this it marketing at it's best (aka WORST) and if we fall for it we deserve to be sick!  Please remember just because something says organic on it isn't going to automatically mean it's healthy!

You will not hear me say that soda in ANY form is ever good for you let alone call it a health drink.  Maybe at one point and time most of the stuff they put in it resembled real live food but I'm sorry by the time it gets in it's lovely Aluminum can it more closely resembles synthetic drugs and chemicals and was never meant to enter our bodies.  And I know for fact it contains no nutrition.  Unless of course you are needing your daily dose of Aluminum so you can be well on your way to dementia and Alzheimer's!

Please understand EVERYTHING we put into our bodies has to go through the digestion process.  This takes nutrients and energy for our body to do this.  All our nutrients and energy come from the food we eat.  It is our fuel!  You would NEVER put the wrong kind of fuel in you car.  Why?  Because it wouldn't run!  You have never even tried it.  You just trust the manufacturer who tells you it won't run.  So then why do we look to the manufacturers of so called foods to tell us what our body needs instead of the manufacturer of our bodies?  I think our Creator knows what we need and he created it for us!  He's so smart!!!  Did you know if you eat fresh fruits and vegetables in their whole state they contain the enzymes to basically digest themselves!  This puts very little strain on the body but also feeds it lots of nutrients!  Amazing isn't it!  Processed junk food organic or not is going to take energy and nutrients from your body just to digest and give NOTHING back to you in return.  Except for maybe a sugar and caffeine buzz along with a nice new addiction to go with it!  That is REALLY hard to overcome.  I see too many people who I love who have found out the hard way the long term side effects of it and are trying really hard to overcome it.  It's not easy and I admire them for working hard every step of the way!

One good friend told me that she noticed that her headaches and side effects were less or non-existent on the days she was drinking green smoothies!  Even her cravings were less.  Again our Creator is so smart.  Our bodies can build and cleanse and fight, always moving toward health and vitality when given the right fuel that it was designed for!  My friend is learning to read and understand ingredients and I know she will be able to overcome her Coke addiction she is an amazing women and I'm hoping she will let me share more of her story with you all soon!

In the mean time.  Please don't be fooled!  Pardon my rant!  And learn to read and understand ingredients and true health principles.  Don't be afraid to be informed!  I'm really hoping that my blog is helping you to do that!

In Health,  Tammie

Oh P.S.  They have always said "You can't beat the real thing!"  It's funny how they keep changing it and the fact that there really has NEVER been anything "real" about it!  But I agree you really can't beat the REAL thing and when it comes to my fuel I want the REAL thing!  Also please note that it's not just Coke I'm reaming on Pepsi and any other company who tries to get us to believe that their product is healthy or at the very least not going to hurt us when it obviously is not doing anyone any good.  I have been known to drink whole food smoothies quite possibly manufactured by these same companies.  Although they are usually pasteurized and not near as good as a fresh smoothie made by you.  The ingredients are good and I think if we buy what really is good that's what they will make for us.  They are just a business looking at their bottom line they will just do what sells.  It's not like they are out to get us.  They just want our business so let's have them earn our business!


Courtney said...

It totally is a joke, BUT it wouldn't surprise me if they are working on it in their lab. Don't they have 'organic' Sprite already?

Tammie said...

I thought it totally had to be a joke! It did seem like a while back they were talking about organic 7-up or Sprite or something. But I havn't noticed if it actually happened. I'm pretty sure they found we simply are not that dumb. ;) I think a lot of us are getting wise to marketing since most of us have been around it all our lives now!

But regardless the principles to be informed about marketing and to keep it real and NEVER drink from an aluminum can, are true no matter what kind of Coke is for sale! ;)

Courtney R Beard said...

Great post, I think you nailed the issue right on the head.

On a lighter note, I got a chuckle out of you saying you're proud of your friend getting over her "Coke addiction." Dont worry, we all know it was the soda variety . . . :)

Tammie said...

Courtney R Beard: I knew you would all know it was the soda Coke. But you know from what I understand the reason it is named that is because it used to contain some. Read more about it here. http://www.snopes.com/cokelore/cocaine.asp

Talk about more then just your caffeine buzz. ;) I'm so glad we are all able to learn from our mistakes!

Emily said...

I love it when you don't mince any words...true Tammie style!

You're the best!!

Together We Save said...

I think this must be a joke... I have never seen it anyway.

Nonna Beach said...

LOL...I think it is a joke but when COKE was 1st invented and sold, I read somewhere it had real cocaine in it and people got hooked on it ( no surprise )

I agree that what we put in our bodies effects how they work and how we feel, but a Twinkie or a greasy burger once in a blue moon won't hurt...moderation is the name of the game when it comes to food...also NO cigerettes, alcohol or harmful drugs at all !!!

Mike and Risa said...

Hee Hee, what a lark! It is fictional thank goodness, the original article is here: http://www.koert.com/work/organic_coke.html - but I must say if it does ever come out it will dampen my hopes for the future that much more - not to mention I can't watch TV anymore period because of the corn syrup commercials and all of the other "organic" foods... so much propaganda, so little time...

Tammie said...

Nonna Beach: The Moderation thing is proably another soap box rant for me. ;) Only because when I first was trying to learn and be healthy people would try to sabotage my efforts with comments like that. I am learning though for the most part people that aren't addicted (yes I believe for many people sugar, twinkies, and even greasy burgers can be addicting) can practice a certain extent of moderation with certain types of junk food. (Although I do have a short list of ingredients I think we should NEVER consume, remember the car analogy. I have seen people who TRULY practice moderation and indulge once in a while be really healthy.)

Me personally I was very addicted to refined white sugar and/or HFCS. But that's another part of my story I will have to blog about. To sum up I have to stay away from them like they were a harmful drug because to me they are. I think it's about knowing our own personal limits and how our bodies handle certain things.

I hope that makes sense because for the most part I do agree with you!

Oh by the way just for fun the other day at the store I looked at Twinkie ingredients to see if maybe they have improved. After reading it I'm pretty sure they will end up on my short list at least some of the ingredients in them. Really Twinkies are more closely related to plastic then food. I'm just sayin'! ;) You wouldn't think of eating plastic would you? Absolutely not it would be highly toxic to the body and the body wouldn't even know how to deal with it. "Moderation is the name of the game when it comes to food." We just need to be sure it REALLY is food not just something disguised as food! This is where being informed is key.

The Lazy Organizer said...

I agree Tammie! There is no reason to put garbage into our bodies. Even "moderately".

Advertisers know we are not idiots and that's why their advertising has to be so deceptive. Our society has been carefully led down this path to where we don't even know what is real anymore whether it comes to food or books or even family relationships.

People HAVE to educate themselves!! It's not difficult to find truth when you are searching for it.

Nonna Beach said...


I agree with you and support your choices. I admire that you have learned to stay away from addictive foods and eat real food. I would never want to appear to be sabotaging your way of eating.

My hubs and me rarely go out to eat now because there are so many processed and prepackaged foods served in eateries. I am very sensitive to additives etc. and usually feel unwell after having eaten them.

That's why I cook and bake at home with fresh ingredients from our garden and the freshest I can find at the store.I grind my own wheat and make breads from scratch, meals from scratch. Luckily, I'm a pretty good cook and enjoy creating nice meals for my family.

As for Twinkies and greasy burgers, I mentioned those because it's an inside joke with our family and friends...my Dad was a strict vegetarian for many years but would sneak Twinkies and us kids would find the wrappers under the front seat of his car...he never owned up to sneaking them ! We were not allowed to eat junk food growing up so it was "do as I say not as I do" kinda thing...

The greasy burgers came from going out to lunch with my friends, I would order a burger and fries no matter where we ate...one day, I decided to get a fresh, crisp salad with free range chicken breast grilled instead...my friends were amazed and so was I...it was so much more delicious than that same old greasy burger and fries !!!

Tammie said...

Nonna Beach: That is so funny! Thanks for sharing! Got to love those good ol' Dads. Mine taught me to stay away from the Coke but he is one of those that I love that is working hard to overcome his addiction. But I'm still so glad he taught me even though he didn't always show me!

Hooray for cooking from scratch! I always try to tell people it's always better for you if you make it yourself!

And I totally didn't think you were trying to sabotage me. I was just sharing my personal experience that those words moderation brought up. It's really more of a personal problem that I tend to get on kind of a soap box about sometimes. Sorry!

I really loved how you put it "moderation is the name of the game when it comes to food!" I just wanted to be sure to point out that some refined foods act more like chemicals in some people. And that some are simply so refined they can't really be called food anymore.

Thanks again for all your great comments! I really appreciate it!

Nonna Beach said...


I am a soapbox kinda girl too...lovin' your blog...so glad I found you ! Thank you for engaging with your readers/followers...that is so rare in the blog universe...You are awesome !!!


Anonymous said...

Thats my girl! Love Mom