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The Low Down on Coconut Oil

I read an excellent article the other day called
Coconut Oil Fact and Fiction.  Give it a read see what you think.  I love it when "science" is explained in understandable terms.  And if you don't want to take the time to read it or it's still to scientific for you;  I'll give you a little example of  how my simple mind works.  ;)

When I was first learning about Coconut oil and realizing I had been fooled into thinking that all fat made you fat. (Remember the 90's No Fat, Low Fat, and Light fad?)  I knew coconut oil contained  saturated fat had heard that it could cause heart disease.  Well I paid attention and did my own little experiment.  You can do this too.  Take a small blob each of butter and coconut oil.  Place one blob in one hand and one blob in the other.  Notice which one melts faster.  Coconut quickly melts at body temperature which tells me that it never is solid in my body therefore it won't clog my arteries.  Hopefully you don't have shortening or margarine in your home so you will just have to trust me on this one they take much, much longer to melt at body temperature.  What does that tell you?  Partially Hydrogenated oils are even worse for us then Saturated fats.  Yeah I know I didn't like it when I found out I had basically been lied to too!

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Paula Adams Perez said...

Thanks for the article link! I recently bought a jar of unrefined coconut oil for the first time after reading about it at Green Smoothie Girl. My husband was SO THRILLED! He is from Guam, and grew up eating (and "wearing") coconut oil constantly but hadn't had any in many years, due to the bad press. He was so funny, like a little kid at Christmas - "I get to have coconut oil again!!!"

We just ordered a gallon from Mountain Rose Herbs this weekend. I work at a health food grocery and get a 20% discount, and Mountain Rose's price is still HALF of ours, per ounce. I wish you and GSG could get referral credit with them, like Amazon! You've got to be seriously contributing to their customer base!

Tammie said...

Paula: What a cute story! Like your husband my kids are growning up eating and wearing coconut oil. For funny or weird rash we will try coconut oil first! I use it in place of lotion and facial cream. I recently made deodorant with it as the base I need to work on the recipe a little bit but so far I am loving it better then any kind I have ever bought! Anyway thanks for sharing I love hearing things like that!

Oh and by the way we totally do get referral credit with Mountain Rose Herbs, just like Amazon does. I have been so impressed with the company though I would still love sharing about it even without the credit.

Paula Adams Perez said...

Yikes! I think I went straight to Mountain Rose Herb when I ordered Sunday. I'll email the company and ask them to give GSG the credit. Don't want to short her when that's where I heard it first!

Tammie said...

Paula: I'm pretty sure it's all linked and it logged your URL (I think it's called not really into the technical stuff;) into their system so they know to give her credit. Like I said great company.

Mom said...

I love coconut oil for many things, too. It is also the ONLY thing that helps me with adult acne breakouts. I have tried everything, and rubbing some of that good stuff right on the zits as they are starting nearly always stops them in their tracks. Great stuff. Love ya, Mom

Nonna Beach said...

Oh, this is so wonderful Tammie...who doesn't love non artery clogging, healthy oils ? Nice to know it has so many other uses too !