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I Promised to Share More (Part 3)

Curt Spring of 2004 with a bumped swollen cheek
and I'm not sure if the band-aids were needed or not

Curt decided he needed to make up for lost time and he was determined to keep up with his older Sister and Brother.  I learned quickly that I needed butterfly band-aids with us at all times with him and of course Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue Formula.  But I loved watching him be active and not winded and wheezy with the cough.  In my thinking and studying I realized why I couldn't give him Echinacea. It's because Asthma is autoimmune.  I wanted to strengthen his immune system but I also didn't want it over reacting and causing a Asthma attack.  I got some Kid-E-Soothe to have on hand it was supposed calm yet help strengthen the immune system.  I knew that his lungs probably had a weakness because of him being born prematurely the reason he did fine that first year was because I was nursing him and basically my immune system was helping him out. It would have been so much better to have nursed another year at least.  I knew that we could work to cleanse and rebuild the lungs and make them stronger but I also felt that at his age just keeping the symptoms at bay would be a feat.  I wanted him stronger first.  Winter had taken a toll on both of us.

Curtis 2 years old May 2004

Summer was very welcoming with little sickness and very few if any coughing fits.  By the next winter I had convinced Curt that even though it was very nasty Anti-Plague would help his cough.  So I added it along with the Kid-E-Soothe to the things I had used the winter before for his cough.  Sure enough first runny nose the cough started up again.  But this time I felt more prepared.  He did have a few bad bouts but for the most part I felt like we kept on top of it better and the difficulty breathing was less and less although the cough did still sound pretty terrible at times.  I also noticed that his body started to figure out what it needed to do.  Inevitably after a few days of a bad cough he would get a high fever.  The heat seemed to break up the cough and loosen things up.  This was amazing to me and it was so interesting how the his body was actually learning what to do for itself.  His cough would last shorter and shorter amounts of time because the body would turn up the heat sooner each time.  This was a gradual process but not only did the coughs clear up sooner they were further and further apart.  I could tell his immune system was getting stronger as every child's is supposed to with each sickness.

Curtis 4 years old May 2006

During his third and fourth year he really started thriving well.  He chubbed up a bit and I liked that!  We were only dealing with about 3-4 rounds of "the cough" a year and they usually didn't last more than 2 weeks and the wheezing was not near as bad as it had been and he seemed to respond very quickly to the herbs.

Curtis 5 years old October 2007

 Every year just got better!  He got stronger by the time he was 5 and 6 the cough showed up only when he got sick.  Which was only 2 maybe 3 times a year.  And he stopped wheezing  He also learned to swallow capsules so I could then give him full doses of Dr. Christopher's Cold Season and Chest Comfort formulas.  These also seemed to help.  By the time he was seven I started learning more about essential oils and I had a friend tell me about Dana and Be Young now called Younifi I found the Spice for Life, Breathe, Defense formula and of course Frankincense to be just the icing on the cake added with the herbs I have been using.  Last winter he did get pretty sick and even had a night where he was wheezing really bad.  His immune system jumped on it and the oils worked so fast!  We only had one night that I started to worry a bit but with him being older and able to tell me how he feels and what helps the worry was much less.

This is my little Curt now.  He doesn't get tired running around and playing outside he can run and run and doesn't have a hard time breathing.  He can breathe as deep as I can.  He still obviously has a weakness there because when he does get a cold (which is about twice a year and I think that is normal and healthy for his age) he usually gets the cough with it.  But we have only had wheezing twice in the last three years.  I have thought about giving him the Lung and Bronchial or something else as a tonic for a few months to help cleanse the lungs and start working on any scar tissue that may be present.  But he's doing so good I think I will just continue to watch.  I know his immune system is just continuing to grow stronger especially now that we have been doing green smoothies for the past few years.  I feel like his body will let us know what it needs for right now I feel like it just needs more time and patience. 

I truly feel like this has been a miracle in my life!  It may be different then what I had expected but still a miracle!  And I can't help but be so grateful to my Heavenly Father who knew what would be best for all of us.  In fact I am confident that there are still things from this he has in store for us to learn.  I am grateful that he didn't just "fix it" for me and that he helped and supported me all along the way. 

I know this post is already too long but instead of dragging it into another one I just want to point out a couple of things. 
  • I think that getting rid of all dairy at least while he was little was essential he would have had too much mucus and we would of had to had medical intervention.  Too much mucus and Asthma are not a good combination.
  • The cleaning products I felt we needed to get rid of make me cough I hate to think how they would have effected him living with those smelly things.  I even quit using dryer sheets.   
  • Vaccines bombard a very young immature immune system and Curt's was even more compromised with the Asthma these would have made it worse.
  • I have recently learned that the antibiotic they gave me in the hospital before Curt was born is known to contribute to Asthma.  It was given as a preventative because they thought maybe the Group B Strep had caused my water to break.  They tested but couldn't get the results in time.  I told the Doctor I didn't want it but he was very insistent.  I wasn't good at holding my ground around people more "learned" then me.  He basically scared me into taking it.  The test came back NEGATIVE.  The antibiotic was totally unnecessary.  I should have gone with my gut.
  • I have also learned that the third and fourth generation a lot of times will have issues show up from the past generations actions.  Grandchildren of fruit farmers who used lots of sprays tend to have Asthma.  Curt's Great-Grandpa was a fruit farmer who sprayed his trees and Curt's Grandpa grows lots of fruit trees and is very consistent about spraying them. (I'm not blaming anyone we all do what we know how to do and do the best we can worms aren't fun in fruit either.  I just thought it was an interesting statistic and a possibility.) 
  • I find it interesting that God sees the big picture.  I couldn't but he was helping learn and be ready all along the way!  And he even made up the difference when I wasn't listening like I should have been.
I hope that my experience can be of help and benefit others and that is why I felt I should share more! As I have time and as it comes to me I plan to share most all of my story with you!  And of course the stuff that hasn't even happened yet! ;)  Not so you can do exactly what I did but so it can help you to gain confidence that between you and God you can know what you and your family needs.  You are the Mother of your children and God gave YOU stewardship over them and he will direct you.  This world is in great need of STRONG families!  That means us and our children need to be strong not only physically but mentally and spiritually too!  It takes the whole package and I just don't think we can do it without God's help!  For me praying and taking time every day to be still, turn off the noises and study His words, helps me to better "hear" His voice.  Faith then chases away the fear!  And as a very wise man recently said "The future is as bright as your Faith!"

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Queen Mommy said...

Thank you again for sharing your story. I made notes of the things you use on Curt for his asthma. I will need to look into dosing for sure, as Lily is only 32 lbs at 6-1/2 years old (much tinier than her identical twin sister), and whether or not any of these things are contraindicated with her pre-existing gallstone, but it helps to have some ideas. I am also thinking about taking her to a chiropractor before flu/RSV season hits. With everything she's been through, I have no doubt things are a bit out of whack in that department. Anyway, I'm glad you decided to continue sharing on this blog. It has quickly turned into one of my favorites! :-)

Emily said...

OH Tam...so good!

Thanks for listening to the spirit and for learning much...you truly are an inspiration!


You are wonderful!!

Amber said...

thanks for sharing! I have revisited my love of plants and learning about herbs after clicking on your school of natural heaing link in the side bar-- thanks! I love your recipes, they have been a great help to me in meal planning!

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday!
Thanks for sharing your story.
Finding your blog was an answer to my prayers. I have shared it with many people. You are an inspiration!

Rebecca said...

Thank you for sharing your story. I am on my second book in the first herbalist course. It is a lot to learn but very empowering and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Please keep sharing your story and your recipes.

Tristan said...

That was a very fascinating story! I like understanding and getting to know you and your family better through the things that you share.

Emily said...

"The future is as bright as your Faith!" President Thomas S. Monson, I found this small sentence revolutionary if we will all put in our faith. Thank you for sharing the patience, the listening and following involved in receiving guidance for families. It is encouraging to know God will baby step us in all the intimate details of our lives, so important to Him.

The Greevers Posse said...

I appreciate your candor with your family. I enjoy hearing success stories from those who have experienced natural ways in dealing with health.

I too am on a path to incorporate more of these practices in our home with our family...
We have already opted-out with inoculating our children. We follow and turn to naturopathic ways to remedy sickness/illness. We have experienced the benefits of RAW ORGANIC MILK products as well as GRINDING OUR OWN WHEAT and using it within THAT DAY with our son who was told to AVOID GLUTEN & CASEIN (it's all about the enzymes that are destroyed by the processing).

The newest discovery was when I experienced a pretty bad bout of POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION with my latest son (7th child). I was directed towards BACH FLOWER ESSENCES. I was feeling better within 30 MINS OF TAKING THEM! These are fantastic for Emotional Health!

I look forward to reading more!
I hope to write about my experiences soon on our blog. Hope you stop by!
Thanks again!