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My All Time Favorite Exercise Video!

Remember when I confessed about not exercising?  And promised I would get back in the habit!  Well guess what I have been consistently exercising 4-5 days a week for the past 3 months.  And dang it's so easy and takes very little time and I have amazing results FAST!  Why did I ever stop?  I have mentioned before that I love Pilates and I just have to tell you these are the only exercise videos that I keep coming back to.  Most of my others I have gotten rid of.  I do have a few Yoga ones (I would love to be good at Yoga one day) but until I'm more tone and flexible I struggle at bit holding the poses.  Pilates has some similarities to Yoga and you don't usually hold the pose for as long.  I find though I get the results of better tone and flexibility faster when I do the Pilates.  The Yoga grounds me more and helps me with my focus.  I want to great at both one day!

One of the things I like the best about my Pilates videos is that they are all 20 minutes or less. (I do have an advanced one that is over 40 minutes but I haven't used it since my last baby;) For a homeschooling Mom of 4 kids I like that!  It's great though because of the way they work and how you stretch, isolate the muscles and build the core it's like you were exercising longer!  I did them really consistently before my last pregnancy!  I loved how I felt but for some reason I just got out of the habit.  The weight after the baby came off quite easily as soon as I quit nursing and I attribute that to my diet (diet?!? did I say diet!  Just know I use that word meaning all the yummy Simple, Healthy, Tasty food I eat not diet as in "on a diet" or "dieting" I have not done that in YEARS they don't work, you know by now right!?!?) but I didn't feel put together like before.  Feeling flabby is a good way to put it! ;)  I tend to be lazy and I'm a bad procrastinator so I guess that's my excuse for not getting started sooner.  But because I promised you all I would do better I found the motivation and now after just 3 months I'm already feeling firmer, stronger, and more sculpted!  Really I started noticing a difference after just being consistent for a few days!

This 20 minute total body video is my favorite.  I use it the most for sure!  It's where I would start if I were beginning!  I also have added in MY FAVORITES that I Recommend (the green striped thing on the right (your right) side bar) other ones I have been using and enjoying on a regular basis!  As I try out more I will add the ones I like to MY FAVORITES.  I have some that come with a resistance band that I want to try as I get stronger because I have heard so much about how resistance training can help build strong bones!

Anyway like I said I love to share good things!  Pilates has been a great thing in my life!  Oh and also it has been for my husband Ryan too!  He has been doing them pretty consistently (except this past winter) for a few years now.  He saw the benefits I had when I first did them and he was inspired to try them!  He's sold on them especially after seeing my results again for the second time!  Maybe they are just the thing for those who really aren't into the whole "gym scene" (neither of us have really ever been the sport fan jock types) I just don't care to beat my body up like that and I also don't have the time (2 hours easy:  get ready, load up the kids, drive there, exercise, etc. etc.) or money!  It's just too much hassle for me I know me well enough that I would never stick with it!

Simple Pilates with little if any equipment for 20 minutes in my own home 3-5 days a week!  I know I can incorporate that into my Lifestyle!  Sounds Simple and Healthy to me!!

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Wellness Essentials said...

Love Winsor Pilates. I used to do them a long time ago, and I remember the results I got. Was just thinking the other day that I should go back to them. Used to exercise 5 days a week, and am trying to get back in the routine. I am happy to say I actually accomplished that this week. I also just ordered the Zumba DVD's. Can't wait to start exercising with them. Heard it was lots of fun, and you get great results. I'll let you know.