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Lettuce Wraps

I'm bringing this recipe to the front for a couple of reasons. One because EVERYONE who tries it continues to comment on how good it is. And also because Whole Foods for the Holidays is focusing on appetizers hosted by Kitchen Stewardship this week.

If you like P.F. Chang's...you're gonna love these.
And you don't even have to leave a tip.

Lettuce Wraps
2 thick broccoli stalks or about 7 florets
1/4 head of green cabbage
2 medium carrots
2 green onions
2 Roma tomatoes
2 cups crushed pistachios
1 cup crushed raw cashews
1/2 red bell pepper
2 big stalks celery

1 tablespoon lime juice
1/2 cup sesame oil
1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
1 1/2 cup Sucanat
2 1/2 teaspoons sea salt
2 1/2 tablespoons minced garlic
2 teaspoons fresh cracked pepper
2 teaspoons onion powder
2 teaspoons coriander
2 teaspoons ground ginger
1 tablespoon shoyu
1 tablespoon organic corn starch/
arrowroot powder

Chop all the veggies very small. [If you have a food processor...that might help.]
Put veggies in a very large (huge-ish) frying pan.

In a separate bowl stir together all of the sauce ingredients.
Pour sauce over veggies and mix well.
Warm it on the stove top until thoroughly warmed...not cooked.

Wash and separate a head of romaine and use it like a tortilla with the veggies inside.
A little messy but, oh so tasty.

{the veggie filling keeps well in the refrigerator and tastes even better the next day...believe it, or not.}

Oh, and to make this dish a little more filling, and not quite as messy, add a cup or two of cooked brown rice to the mixture.Yummy!


Angie said...

I am so excited to try this! Thank you for posting all of these fun recipes :)

Cristine said...

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I appreciate it!! Last night we tried the split pea soup. My husband and I enjoyed it quite a lot. It was very flavorful! My kids ate it, but there was some protestation. They are used to eating veggies, I just think the abundance of peas was over the top for them. Looking forward to the lettuce wraps. Also, the smoothies are a hit with my kids!!

Permission to Unwind said...

Lettuce wraps are one of my absolute favorites!!! Yummy.

fitncrafty said...

I will have to try this sometime.. love the new header on the blog...

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try it Emily! It's so fun having you add your wonderful recipes. The new look of the blog is very inviting! Kim

The Lazy Organizer said...

I didn't have all the ingredients so I threw it together with what I had and it was still good. Thanks!!

Cristine said...

We tried these for dinner on Sunday. They were delicious. Next time I would add only 1/2 cup sucanat as they were a little on the sweet side, but still ohh soooo delicious!

Courtney said...

We just had this for dinner. It is amazing. We all loved it. I marked it in my book as guest worthy- meaning I could make it for others who don't eat like we do and they would like it too. I don't miss the meat at all and the array of veggies is delicious.

Mike and Risa said...

Wow Emily, these are fantastic! I couldn't find pistachios so I added an extra cup of cashews, (any ideas on where to get them? I live by Tammie), and I forgot about celery and rice vinegar (I used apple cider vinegar instead), but my hubby said this is his new favorite healthy recipe, which is amazing! And I loved that he actually liked a mostly raw dish, really really liked :) It may be the only way I get him to eat lettuce, thanks!

ronda said...

Tried this tonight loved it was really amazed at the flavor thanks for sharing. You are very talented

Sophie said...

What a healthy snack. The sauce sounds so savory! A tasty way to serve up veggies :).

Emily said...

Risa, I buy my pistachios from the local grocery store...but I've also bought them from AzureStandard.com and even Wal-mart. It gets a little tedious if you have to shell 'em...so look for pre-shelled.

Amy said...

Our family really enjoyed this; we can't use the Shoyu because of allergies, but we used some bouillon and it still turned out great. Thank you again for all you do and posting fabulous recipes!

Emily said...

My husband said, "This is BETTER than P.F. Changs. He said "What is this Amazing vegetable mix?" He does not like vegetables. This was such a fun triumph. :) DELICIOUS!!!! We used 1 c. honey since we had it, instead of sucanant. This much garlic is AWESOME, and because you don't cook it, but the broccoli drinks up the juices from the sauce, it is so yummy, and fresh tasting. My sister thought the carrots would be wierd not cooked, but it was way good :) Can't say enough about this recipe! One thing I want to throw out is lately we've been buying beautiful bright pink swiss chard at the farmer's market and using it instead of celery. It added pretty color to this recipe, and is a touch sweeter and less stringy than celery, with similar crunchiness, ...worked so great with this mixture!

Permission to Mother said...

ReallY? 2 1/2 cups sucanat? I couldn't bring myself to add that much sugar. I'll probaly add some raisins when I get ready to make my wrap with the beautiful rainbow chard I got yesterday.

Tammie said...

Permission to Mother: Denise, actually it's just 1 1/2 cups but yeah that is still quite a bit. Honestly I usually use less then that closer to one cup! Fun, I love the idea of using rainbow chard I bet that will be yummy!!

Permission to Mother said...

I thought mine was going to be a flop for multiple reasons. But I just got home from the office now and after assembling, the boys all took tastes of the stuffing and want thir own wrap.

I used bok choy instead of celery and cabbage. Also, I put it in my excalibur for an hour or so, if that long. I forgot the raisins, but topped with cilantro. Worth repeating!

Tammie said...

Denice: You are making me HUNGRY! Sounds so good!!!!

Emily said...

This was so satisfying. I shared this recipe link with my sister and her hubby and kids HATE veggies and as she was chopping she got more and more skeptical with all those veggies and hubby said, "Not Bad." Kids ATE AND ATE AND ATE!


Miriam said...

So I'm the sister with the picky hubby and kids that Emily mentioned in the above comment.
These are just ridiculously good. My husband, (who was already boiling water for Mac and Cheese because he was sure he'd hate these) LOVED them, and even ate seconds. That's a Christmas miracle. (It had been long enough since I made them last that he didn't believe me when I said that he liked them:)
I'm doing the E2L 6 week plan, so I made a few changes that worked out super well:
I subbed a Tablespoon tahini paste for the sesame oil, about 2/3 c. date paste (blended dates with water and lemon juice) for the Sucanat, and Bragg's liquid aminos for the shoyu, and then extra water to give it the right consistency. It was glorious. Thank you!!

Traci Rae said...

Hi Tammie, How many servings is this recipe for? I made your Pot Pie recipe a few days ago and we loved it, but I did freeze half of it because it was enough for two meals for my family (2 Adults, 4 children under 10). So I'm wondering if the servings on this recipe are similar to that one. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!!!

Tammie said...

Traci Law: Yep it makes a bunch! If anything it probably has more servings then the Pot Pie.