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Salsa With Friendly Flora!

Hey look what I made!  I was very excited when I saw this recipe on Passionate Homemaking!  I never knew such things were possible.  I love learning new things especially new Healthy things!  One of my favorite things about this salsa is that it will keep much longer then regular fresh salsa but still tastes like fresh salsa.  Unlike other salsas you bottle!  MmmmmMMmmm I'm excited to have fresh tasting salsa all winter long!

Again you can find the recipe and a video on how to make it HERE!  I made a double batch of the recipe it turned out great and made a gallon plus a pint!

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Cherie said...

Did you use the whey? I've heard that is optional in naturally fermented foods, just speeds up the process. What do you know about it?

Tammie said...

Cherie: Yes I did use the whey. I have been getting some raw goats milk and making yogurt to give us more flora too. I just drained the whey off of it like Lindsey of Passionate Homemaking said to do. It worked great! I have used some culture starters at times too. And they work well if you just follow the directions.

I personally think that the raw goat whey is going to have a broader spectrum of friendly flora because it's totally made by nature. But I do think the starters also have a good spectrum (just potentially not all for all we know there are some science has not even found;)and either will work to help with a good flora in you gut.

Emily said...

NICE!! We need a goat! It would sure help keep the weeds down...but the big question is...who in the devil will milk 'er?!! ;)

I wonder if one could make breast milk yogurt?! I just might be able to make that happen?! :)

Vanessa said...

Tammie I was wondering where you happened to get those jars in the photo? I want some glass jars with plastic lids.

Tammie said...

Vanessa: The jars are just regular canning jars (wide mouth ones) And you can buy just a package of plastic lids in the same canning section as the bottles. I got mine at Wal-Mart theirs a lot of times is seasonal but a lot of times they will have some canning stuff year round.