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Chow Mein

This super simple recipe we refer to as Chow Mein.  I know when you go to the restaurants the soft noodle dish is called Low Mein but for some reason we always have called this Chow Mein but you are welcome to call it what ever you want!  It's so simple and can be fit to your own tastes that I don't even need to give exact amounts make as much or as little as you need to suit your family!  ENJOY!

Chow Mein
Whole grain noodles, cooked
(I like to use spaghetti ones but use what you like)
Favorite stir fry type veggies
(these can be fresh or frozen I prefer fresh, look here for a list of ideas)
Nama Shoyu
Sesame or Olive oil
(I just do this to taste I use about a Tablespoon for a big pot)
Favorite good ingredient Teriyaki sauce
(We have used this brand or you can make your own)
Bean sprouts (our very favorite add in)
Roasted Cashews or Peanuts (optional but the kids love it)

Saute your veggies (except sprouts) in some oil and Shoyu on high heat just until crisp tender.  Turn down or off heat and add cooked noodles and season to taste. (When I make a large pot of this it takes almost a whole bottle of sauce to season it up good especially if you have used a lot of noodles so be prepared.)  Take off heat and gently fold in sprouts and nuts.  Serve immediately.


Tammie said...

crazy4boys: You asked about when to put the veggie broth powder in. I accidently rejected you comment. Sorry. I just add it when I have the noodles and veggies mixed together.

R. B said...


You know this is a simple recipe which I am so excited because from you I learned to make the sprouts which I am going to use...

Sometimes though I think your blog should be named "Worthwhile, Healthy, Tasty."...

Because although healthy can be simple it takes being educated, it takes thoughtful consideration, it takes being willing to be brave and going on a limb. It takes even some prayer and pondering. But in the end...it is worthwhile.

What I am most thankful of all to you is that you've made eating healthy and adventure for me and an adventure isn't always easy, but it is exciting, and your passion and information you readily offer, with the time you gift, make that leap of learning and work, worth it! :)

Excited for dinner tonight....

Tammie said...

Emily: I always love your thoughts! I agree with you in many ways. I just want to say that after more then 10 years of this lifestyle I have found it truly is SIMPLE! Now don't misunderstand it isn't always easy but simple, yes! It is enough different though that it does take time for it to seem simple it is an adjustment. But quite frankly things were much more difficult when we weren't empowered with the knowledge to take care of our health!

R. B said...


I think you are right, and things are becoming more and more just that simple, for me! Yesterday I had for my lunch a left over pasta, which I learned from your e-book is great cold embedded with the lettuce and then I put sprouts on top and a sauce already made in the fridge, and how healthy, delicious and simple too it was! Its learning how to put it all together once you learn some steps and principles, and good recipes too.

I think more than anything that I was wanting to say how worthwhile this lifestyle is, and for new comers, that hope that it really will get simple, though many of your recipes really are so simple from the start! :)