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Green Beans Kids Love

The other day I was at my very good friends house.  She had some fresh green beans she had gotten from Bountiful Baskets.  She said, "Tammie, do you know a good way to fix these!"  I said,  "Yep it's super easy too!"  So we fixed them up and had them with our dinner!  She then said to me, "MMMmmmm these are really good Tammie!  You need to be sure and post recipes like this on your blog too!  Not all of us know how to make even simple sides like this!"  I guess I don't think of them as a recipe you just kind of "throw it together and make it taste good!"  It's food and we want everyone to like it and eat it so this is what we do!  But my friend Amy informed me that many people look at it and say, "A bag of green beans what the heck do I do with this!"  So Amy this post is for you and I will pay attention to other Simple sides that I that are Simple Healthy and Tasty and that help kids eat those otherwise unliked veggies!

Green Beans Kids Love
A Large Bunch of Fresh Green Beans
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste
Favorite Seasonings of Choice (We really like the Organic no salt seasoning from Costco but Amy didn't have any of that so I used a little basil, lemon pepper, garlic, and minced onion)

In a large pot boil some water place in the fresh green beans.  You can cut the ends off if you want, I don't usually bother the little stem makes them easy to pick up and eat (my kids find them fun to eat this way, it does leave a little stem mess on their plates but hey they are eating their veggies!)  Gently simmer until the beans are nice and tender, then drain the water off.  Then lightly coat with some olive oil and sprinkle the the salt, pepper and seasonings.  Super, easy, super yummy!  We decided to plant green beans in our garden this year because we love these so much!


Eileen said...

Sounds yummy! Any suggestions for how to cook Swiss Chard? Thanks!

Tammie said...

Eileen: Swiss Chard is super yummy! We like to lightly steam it (just bring water to a boil then add the chard and remove from heat, cover let sit just until the center is bendable) I then drain and add a little coconut or olive oil and some apple cider vinegar and salt and pepper. If you don't like vinegar lemon juice is also good! That's my favorite way to eat Swiss Chard I also really like Beet Greens that way too! Also both can be thrown into a green smoothie fresh!

Amy said...

Thanks Tam!!! :)

Tami said...

I'm finally reading your blog after our homeschool Mom's night earlier this month :) Just had to say that last night I made green beans and thought, "I really should try cooking with my coconut oil like Tammie said." So I sauteed the beans in coconut oil and then added one clove of minced garlic, and some Himalayan sea salt. Everyone loved it! And that was even before reading this post :) Thanks for your info that night! I'm also using your recipes for the healthy living night we're having for RS. I appreciate this resource!