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How to make Fizzy Bath Bombs

This is the moment you've all been waiting for.....or uuhhh something like that! ;)
Sorry it's taken me so long to get this posted!
I'm finally getting the Fizzy Bath Bomb recipe AND the video tutorial posted!
As you will soon see my technical abilities are extremely limited!
But my little boy (who isn't so little anymore) and I
had a fun time making it and we learned lots!
At the very least I hope you get a good laugh!
You will soon see that in front of a camera is not my favorite place to be! 
But if it helps make it easier to explain things.....
and will even more so inspire a Simple. Healthy. Tasty. Lifestyle....
Then I may have to try some more!
I now have a SimpleHealthyTasty YouTube Channel...
so no more excuses I guess!
Of course I really don't have a very good camera!
You'll see from the low quality picture.
Maybe I should be putting that on my wish list!
Well, enjoy and let me know what you think even if it's just good for a laugh!
Would other videos be helpful?  If so which ones, what kinds?

Fizzy Bath Bombs You Make Yourself
2 cups baking soda
1 cup arrowroot powder or cornstarch
1 cup Citric Acid
10-20 drops essential oils (I love the combination of Orange and Eucalyptus!)
Witch Hazel in a spray bottle

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl.  Mist with witch hazel until it holds together (see video).  Pack tightly into molds that have been misted with witch hazel.  After a few minutes remove from molds and let sit for a few hours or overnight (this is best) to harden.  A Fizzy Bath Bomb will help clean kids and the tub, make your skin silky smooth, and depending on the scent you use be energizing or relaxing!  Lots of fun!

Some ideas that make good molds:
  • Mini or large muffin tins (flexible ones would make them super easy to remove)
  • Candy Molds
  • Soap Molds
  • A bottom of a water bottle
  • cookie cutters
  • The little plastic containers that have toys in them that you get out of quarter machines
  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Ice cube trays
  • Play dough molds
  • etc. etc. etc.
I used little round gift containers that came with "angel feathers" and a cute poem.  Really just be creative I'm sure you have something that will work as a mold without having to buy something just to make these!


Mom said...

good job on the video. I love being shown how to do things as opposed to just reading or hearing how. Don't be camera shy...you do just fine, and it will get easier being in front of the camera the more you do. We love the bath bomb you gave us. It was fun to watch it fizz away in the bath.

Emily said...

Love it, Tam!

You did a mighty fine job!

Hope you do many more!!

Love you!

P.S. You're Beautiful!

Cassie said...

What a great idea. Thanks Tammie. Loved seeing the real you in the video. You did a great job. I would love to make these.