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April Fools Joke!

Had to bring this forward just because it was so funny last year!  Although it's obvious now that it was a joke it's still pretty funny.  Happy April everyone!

This is our newest family favorite! 

Good Pizza, Made Better
1 Store bought Pizza Crust
1 Jar of pizza sauce (Hunt's is best)
Lots and lots of shredded cheese (use more then one kind for best flavor)
1 Large package of Corn Dogs (Costco is the best place to get these they come in huge packages so you can enjoy leftovers for days and days, makes really simple quick lunches to nuke in the microwave!)

Put together like you would any pizza!  Just be sure the corn dog sticks all face in like the picture above!  Or look at the pictures below for some other great ideas!  Just some fun variations on this same great theme!  Enjoy and don't forget to always keep it SIMPLE. Healthy. Tasty!


Some things are simply NOT meant to be healthified!

Ha ha ha ha!  Did I get ya?!?  I certainly hope not!
I hope it was VERY obvious to all of you!
If not PLEASE, Please, Pleeeeease, read everything on my blog!
Have a very WONDERFUL and fun April Fools day!
Thanks for all of your encouragement and support!
Keep it up and Seriously!
Keep it Simple. Healthy. Tasty!!!!

P.S.  I'd love to hear what your were thinking when you first started reading this post!  Share in the comments it will give us all a good laugh!  One of the most healthy things out there!


Kathy said...

Okay! You totally had me confused! I was thinking "WHAT??!! This is NOT something she would be okay with! Store bought crust??! Corn dogs?? I kept checking the title of your blog in my blog reader to see that it really was your blog! Ha! Very funny! Good one!! :)

renee @ FIMBY said...

you know, it took me a moment to realize you were joking because I totally forgot about april's fools stuff.

Anonymous said...

HaHaHa! Michelle Griffiths here.You got me for a minute there! I was so confused! WHAT! Is what came to mind! Thanks for the laugh!

Emily said...

Oh, my gosh. I was so very confused. Jaw dropped. In awe. I just didn't get it. I've just discovered your blog this week and have enjoyed it so much, Tammy. I also homeschool and live in Utah. Thanks for such a good April Fool's Day joke. You got me and that usually doesn't happen.

Emily said...

I thought: "Oh, no...Tam's gone stark raving mad!"

And then, thought I: "Those corny dog sticks add a nice touch...I'd hate to be the sucka that gets that center piece!"

Finally...I thought: "Good one Tam...keepin' us all on our toes!" ;)

Love ya like a foo! :)

Courtney said...

I thought for sure someone had hacked your blog. I love pizza, but Corn dogs- no way.
Do you EVER eat real cheese? How do you curb it? We eat it rarely, like at others houses, but it is still yummy.

Chelsea said...

I had to double check to see if I had the right blog. I was terribly confused. After I checked the blog address I was even more confused. Totally forgot it was April fools day! Good one, you got me!

Julie Hunt said...

Tammie - You TOTALLY got me! I thought I had stumbled across a different blog. I re-checked a few times to make sure I was on your blog, which I was. I was so confused! This was a great April Fools Joke! :)

Cassie said...

My first thought was, "GROSS". I thought you must have thought of some crazy healthy way to make mock corn dogs....then I thought no that has got to be real cheese. That's when I remembered it was April 1!
Very funny.
Seriously. DO peole really eat those nasty pizza's. It's like a death wish!

crazy4boys said...

I, too, was really confused. I just kept thinking, "corn dogs are so bad for you...she doesn't eat meat...or cheese...they're so bad". And then you throw in that you nuke them for lunches and I couldn't believe you'd actually microwave something. It didn't even register that it was April Fool's until I read the bottom and heaved a huge sigh of relief.

I will say though that I'm sure my kids would think that's a delicious looking pizza...we're still making lots of transitions here.

Kristen Spencer said...

Hilarious!!! I was like "HOW IN THE WORLD IS THIS HEALTHY???"

Miss Melanie said...

This was HILARIOUS! I was looking at the pizza, I couldn't even figure out what it was! Then I saw the "buy a store bought crust" and I thought "Well what brand does she get anyway?" Then I was like CORNDOGS? And I thought...has she lost it???

HAHAHA You foold me!

Tammie said...

Courtney: The only cheese we ever eat is some organic raw goats milk cheese once in a great while. And mostly because I worry a little about my kids getting enough B12. When I was first giving up cheese it was hard that stuff is addicting! The best way I found to curb it was to read about how bad it was for you. ;) Super concentrated proteins are very hard for the body to break down, really, really mucus forming! It takes so much milk to make cheese. I really felt like getting rid of the cheese was a big part of loosing most of my weight. Because I liked it so much I was one of the last things I gave up. Once I did the weight seemed to fall off.

The Jones People said...

I was really confused! I was trying to figure it out....okay maybe it's crust from the health food store....maybe it's a healthy hunts sauce....Corn Dogs?...Emily has healthy hot dogs, same thing?

My brain was working so hard it took me a little bit to even realize what you meant when I started reading the April Fools part!!

Good one Tammie!

Cherie said...

Yeah, I was really confused, I'd forgotten about April Fools. I was thinking, white crust, cheese, corn dogs! What! Really the corn dogs were such a shock I didn't process the other problem ingredients for a bit.

Jess Christensen said...

That was HILARIOUS! I just kept staring at the corn-dog pizza picture thinking, what the heck? Who hacked into Tammie's blog and is posting this stuff?! Well done.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Ok, I am new to this blog, and healthy food in general, so when I saw this I thought "what in the world, there's noway hotdogs are healthy, right???" LOL, I knew something was amiss. Good one!

Hizzeather said...

You totally got me...forgot about April Fools!

I was shocked!!! So glad you're joking!

DawnJ said...

My FIRST thought: That can't be CORN DOGS!??
My SECOND thought: I don't know what kind of corn dog she's been smokin'... I mean... buying.
I hung in there, kept looking at the, ehem, pictures and I had the BEST LAUGH OF THE DAY whan I saw your April Fools note in red!!!
My final thought: I really like this girl and why am I so SLOW!! (and was TOTALLY relieved it wasn't for real!!)
THANKS for the belly laugh!!

uniquelynat said...


APRIL FOOLS! (right back atcha!) hehe :)

i had just been looking at FB (and everyone else's april fools jokes) but for some reason when i came to your blog post it didn't register. all i could think was
Really? corn dogs are healthy for you? where do you find healthy ones?

so i had to get all the way to the bottom (as the pizzas started looking more and more disgusting) and see the APRIL FOOLS before I even rgistered what was going on.

thanks for the laugh!

Mom said...

Thats my girl ! Remember when you would have loved to dive right into such a mess??? Sure do love you. And thats no April Fools !

Tami said...

Glad it was April Fools because I was thinking GROSS! It was a good laugh.

Shelley said...

Oh my! I too was quite confused! I had only recently discovered your blog (thanks to your friend Denise C!)

I sat down to do some meal planning and just didn't know what to think! I thought, "Was this the blog Denise told me to go to? From what I know about health (which is minimal yet, but I'm learning)this is the farthest thing from healthy!"

You got me! And I'm so glad that it was just an April Fool's day joke and that I can return here for healthy meal ideas :-)

sarah baldwin said...

well, you got me!! i was so confused for a minute... or two. and then it hit me. APRIL FOOLS!!

good one tammie. good one ;)

Kathie said...

So how'd you do the pictures? Did you make that or find it somewhere? Did you then throw it out? Please tell me you didn't eat it!!! :-)

Unknown said...

I was so confused, thinking just how a corn dog could be considered healthy. Totally forgot about April Fools Day. You got me! :)

jenn said...

I thought, Oh good, she's finally come back to the dark side! This will give us all permission to do so as well! Ha!
And then I felt bad for thinking that looked really yummy (What is wrong with me?!...) and went back to making my stir fry... wishing broccoli could taste like corn dogs smothered in mustard sometimes...

jenn said...

My comment has me thinking more now...
To clarify, we do eat much like you do with the odd indulgence (usually cheese...or chocolate...or white flour...gasp:P) but usually our weeks are a lot of greens, vita mix concoctions, brown rice, dehydrated snacks and legumes, seeds etc. I would say out diets are an 8/10 for ideal most days...our kids I would say are a 9/10...we don't do too badly. BUT am I alone in the fact that even though I KNOW all about the SAD diet and the consequences, misery and disease that results from years of such abuse and am grateful for the health of my family from the choices we make...I still drool at the sight of your "pizza" and the like. Even though I KNOW how bad meat can be, and how the bottom of the chain is MacDonald meat...a part of me sometimes wants to hide in my backseat and shove a big mac in my mouth?
Is this just me? Is it because I was once addicted to foods like this that I remember the brief satisfaction of fulfilling such a superficial craving that it is just connected.
In my real life I don't think anyone would ever believe that I have ever stepped foot in a fast food restaurant (and we DO NOT eat there) but am I alone in being a nutrition nut who still craves and sometimes caves to crap?

Tammie said...

Kathie: Oh those are totally pictures I found online. Mainly from an old site that is no longer around called "This is why your fat" I had never heard of it before until I started searching "most unhealthy meals" I would never think of making a pizza quite like the ones in the pictures. ;)

Tammie said...

Jenn: Thanks so much for your thoughts! I think you are very much not alone at all and most all of us would relate very closely in one way or another with you. I admire you and those like you who do take the time to learn and want to do better not only for them but for the health of the generations to come. I very rarely if ever have cravings for the worst of the worst but obviously I get some cravings for not the best things that's why healthified versions of them end up here. It's the way I have found I can justify those little indulgences. I do try for the most part to focus on all the really good things and to fill my life with those. Most of the time there is so much good I don't have time for the bad. But I'm not any more perfect then the next person my solution is if you think those pizzas look good find a way to make them as healthy as possible then indulge your craving. But that's just me.

Christy said...

I got here through your post on hard lotion and when I clicked "home" and saw this, I thought, "What?! Is she serious?" I read the recipe two or three times, wondering if I was overlooking something. Good one!

Emily said...

Jenn...I love your honesty! And don't think you are alone for even a second! My husband and I have been doing this Simple Healthy Lifestyle for nearly 8 years and I still crave me some Pizza Hut more often than I like to admit. Oh...and how about Arby's? Yep. But like Tammie said...usually there is something healthy that can curb those cravings. And...if not, don't feel guilty...just do YOUR best!

Oh...and when you are feeling alone in your predicament watch
This Little Video

Good Luck to You!!

Brianna C said...

You SO got me good!! A hidden camera would have been good to catch my facial expressions LOL. I was reeeeeaaaally worried about you! HA! Good one :P

jenn said...

Oh my goodness that video was perfect...after coverting to a vegan diet for 8 months my former meat loving husband found me eating a burger...I was low in iron and b which exPlained the cravings but boy did I relate to that video!
I am reassured that craving do lesson... Maybe if I didnt indulge so often in bits of forbidden food I would be quicker to lose my taste for those things...(chocolate bars...)
I love your site tammie! Thank you!

MeganP said...

You got me! I said to my husband..OH NO, Something is wrong with Tammie! This can't be. Healthy corn dogs! I did about a million double takes on the picture. My brain was trying to see something else. I kept reading, but very confused. Then the big red letters! HaHaHaHa, that was a great one!! I thought, this girl is fun! I like her!