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Simple Healthy Tasty Food Storage - 6 Easy Steps

I have been working on this ebook for quite some time now!  Many of you have asked about a Healthy Food Storage, what I store, how I store it, what works, etc.  I haven't posted all that much about food storage, instead most of it has been going into this book!  I've tried to make it Simple and easy to read, yet full of lots of useful information!  And guess what!!!....... Because I think that it's very important and a really good idea to have a healthy food storage I want to give everyone who wants this book the ability to have it for FREE!   Some of you observant types may have already seen how to get this book in my side bar....yeah see that right over there to your right? >>>>>>>>>
Yep right there!  Look at that all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter!  And yep I'm working on putting a newsletter together.  But don't worry I won't bother you very often with it and when I do it will be short.  It will give you more of a glimpse into our lifestyle here at home.  You'll get previews of what I'm working on before it's posted, discounts that will only be passed on to subscribers, fun insider stuff like that!  Go ahead, sign up for my newsletter and get my food storage ebook!

Food storage was overwhelming and very difficult for me for a long time.  I put it off because I was so overwhelmed by it.  Then one day I realized there wasn't going to be the perfect time to start and it didn't need to be overwhelming I just needed to consistently work at it but it didn't need to consume me.  Once I just started and stayed consistent I was amazed at how quickly it grew and how really easy food storage can be.  In this book I share what I have learned through the years and what has made food storage easy for me!

Take a peek inside!

Simple Bullet Point Format

Lists and Forms to help you be Organized

Concise yet FULL of Information!

Chapters on Sprouting, Gardening, and Herbs we store

A quick reference and help to becoming more self-reliant!

Get your copy TODAY!


carol said...

Thanks for the ebook. I'd love to hear your favorite sources to buy your food storage, other than Mountain Rose that you mentioned. I'm in Utah too.

Tammie said...

Carol: I get most of my bulk basic food storage items through Azure Standard. I order once a month and they deliver to pick up points all through Utah. I do get my coconut oil through Mountain Rose it's better and cheaper. I also look for healthy bulk items that come and go through Costco. Those are the three places I get most all of my bulk food storage items. I do come across good deals with local farmers for some bulk grains, onions, potatoes and stuff like that. I will try to pass those on to my readers when I know about them.

Emily said...

Thank you so much for sharing this new ebook with us!. As I've transitioned to this diet and lifestyle, I've been wondering how to impliment it all into my food storage. Like you, we eat what we store. I've taught community food storage classes for several years (not now, though) here at our local Macey's and have recently been called to be our ward's emergency preparedness specialist. I just love getting new ideas; thanks so much for all you've shared.
Some questions:
1.I've been using DoTerra oils for some time now and have just been introduced to Be Young. Why do you like these better? I've you had experience with DoTerra and can you tell me any differences to consider? I've been pleased so far but would like your experience. I see that Be Youngs oils are more expensive per ounce, too. I'm trying to weigh that in.
2. How do you store your brown rice long term? I have a large family and feel that it would take so much freezer space, along with all the nuts.
3. What do I do now with all that powdered milk? My family still are milk drinkers and I know that in an emergency, it would be there if we needed it. How to keep rotating it and not let it go to waste, even when I know that it's not the best for us to use regularly.
Again, I'm so glad I've found you, Tami. I've homeschooled all my five kids and find connection with you. Thanks for helping us all on this path.

Tammie said...

Emily: You are very welcome! I'm glad you are here! I bet I could learn lots and lots from you! To answer your questions,
1. I like Be Young oils better because I really trust Dana Young the founder he knows his stuff and each oil I try does what he says they will do. I have had some experience with Doterra, and they just haven't earned my trust. The oils seem pretty good but seemed more "flat" to me, if that makes any sense, the more I have used Be Young's. Plus as I looked into the company I didn't trust a group of owners with most of them being professional marketers. Be Young's are a little more expensive but with the E.O.B.B.D certification Be Young has access to they are able to get a very high quality oil that will do what they want it to do. So I really think in the long run you get more bang for the buck.

2. I keep buckets of brown rice in my food storage room with the rest of my food storage. I try to only have a years supply maybe less and we rotate it through. I have never kept it in the freezer I have never had it go bad. I think it will keep for at least a year as long as it isn't exposed to too warm of temperatures. My basement food storage room stays a fairly cool temperature year round.

3. If your family is still milk drinkers, I would probably have them drink the powdered milk and rotate through to a better option. Actually if it were me I would probably give the powdered milk to scouting for food, ;) but that's just me. I think powdered milk is just so processed, Pasteurized milk that is then high heated to a powder. Just so very mucus forming. But yeah in a time of need you may be glad to have it. But even packaged well dry milk doesn't keep as long as brown rice.

Obviously just my honest opinions do what you feel is best and works for your family! So glad to have you here!

R. B said...

Wow Tammie, you've been so busy! This is so awesome, thank you! ~Emily B.

Emily said...


Do you use the super vita mix sprouts on salad like the salad mix sprouts, or do you use them differently? Thank you for this incredibly helpful resource! Its so well done.
Emily B.

Tammie said...

Emily: I use both kinds of sprouts on salads and sandwiches. Sometimes I sprinkle the vita ones on stir fry's or soups after they have been dished up to add enzymes to some cooked foods. Also I like putting sprouts on granola too but I usually just use sunflower seed sprouts and/or mung bean sprouts because they have a very mild flavor but add enzymes to granola too. I think sprouts can be used on pretty much whatever you want.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about VitaCost for your coconut oil? I've heard they have a much cheaper price on it, but I don't know what the quality is. You can get it in 54 oz. containers, and no matter how much you order, the shipping is only $10. They carry several brands, but "nutiva" is a brand I know is cold-pressed, and it was cheaper than Mountain Rose Herbs 5gal. bucket + $35 shipping. Have you heard of them?

Tammie said...

Anonymous: Yes I have heard of VitaCost, I personally don't care for huge megasites. Besides that I did the math and Mountain Rose Herbs is still cheaper per ounce. Even with shipping included. To get five gallons worth you would need about 12 54oz. containers and then add the 10 bucks shipping that's about $250.00. For five gallons from Mountain Rose Herbs even with $35 shipping (although I only pay about $29) It's only about $242.00. So for 5 gallons it's .32 cents an ounce through Mountain Rose Herbs. And .39 cents an ounce through VitaCost. If you are getting less then Five Gallons at a time through VitaCost the price will go up per ounce because you have to pay the 10 dollars shipping regardless of the amount. I hope I'm making sense.

So basically if they are equal products as far as quality (although I trust MRH more) You just cheaper buying from Mountain Rose Herbs! There is a reason I love that company!

Reb said...

I am in England. There is no button to select to get a copy of this. Can you help?


Tammie said...

Reb: Just click on the blue words that say "sign up for my newsletter and get my food storage ebook!" or click the picture of the book under subscribe in the sidebar. Either click will take you to the sign up page where you can put your email in and have the ebook sent to your email.