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How to make your own Trail Mix!

Great for hiking, travel, or just a quick easy high energy snack!
Making your own trail mix not only saves you lots of money but you can be sure only ingredients you want are in it.  Many trail mixes have lots of added sugar, corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils and lots of preservatives that you really don't need or want!  I like making it in a big gallon size bag and keeping smaller serving size bags in with it that way when traveling etc. I can easily hand out single serving sizes to the kids!  Super easy, great snack that you can totally fit to your families tastes!

Homemade Trail Mix
Roasted Cashews
Roasted Peanuts
Raw Almonds
Raw Pumpkin Seeds
Raw Sunflower Seeds
Dried Unsweetened Coconut Flakes
Carob Chips
Dried Fruit Juice Sweetened Cranberries
Carob covered Raisins and/or Almonds
Other Dried Fruit

Take ingredients of choice above and combine in equal parts or in amounts desired!  I always use more of the things I know everyone likes! ;)


Courtney said...

We make something similar, my kids love it for snacks. I do add a bunch of cereal (Cheerios) to stretch it out a bit, since it can be expensive.

Emily said...

So...grab some, hit the trail, and come visit! ;)

Or...I'll make some, and we'll head your way?!

Either way, sounds grand!

Love you loads, Em

Tammie said...

Emily: We'll be near there soon! But then you need to head up here! We have great weather FINALLY!!!