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More About My Favorite Hair Clip

First don't forget about the giveaway!

Remember when I posted about Hair Clips?  

We have enjoyed trying fun styles like in the videos below!
I can't believe how easy it is!
I have even found I like them better for a pony tail than....well pony tail holders! ;)
I love that I can also have beautiful up-do's that are almost as easy as a pony tail!
I just need the one clip without lots of extra pins, barettes, etc.
And it STAYS!  So Simple!  I love it!

I figured out what sizes would work best here!



Kim Witter said...

Thanks great ideas for summer. Two questions for summertime also. What are your feelings on water both bottled and within the home. Tap definetely not but is filtered enough what do you do. Where do you find vegannaise. I've found our coop azure standard is always out of it. It is a good thing though news of eathing better is spreading!

Tammie said...

Kim: I was just about to email you to answer your questions but it will work better to answer them here then other can benefit! Glad you asked! Any type of filter is going to be better then just tap. Obviously if Tap is the only water you have it's better then no water. Bottled water is all different depending on the kind. I look at labels and see how it's processed. A lot of them are simply tap water. I usually just take my own water with me where ever I go. We have what is called a Reverse Osmosis it and gets most everything out of the water, even minerals so you need to be sure to be getting plenty of good organic minerals from your diet. Greens is the best way I know of. So drink those green smoothies! ;) R.O. units are about $250 bucks.

I wish we could all have a natural Artesian well in our back yards but that's just not possible.

I get my Vegenaise at my local health food store. You can keep trying azure though they will eventually have some. Yes I'm glad more and more people are using azure and trying to eat healthier and teaching their children! It's wonderful!!!!!

Grandma Honey said...

Love the clip ideas!

Kim said...

Is it pretty expensive at your health food store?
What about those expensive ionizers I've seen people get? What about bathing do people need to worry about that kind of water? Thanks

Tammie said...

Kim: It's a fraction more expensive then through Azure. I feel like those ionizers can be beneficial in certain circumstances. But I worry that many people use them to alkalize with and don't change their bad eating habits I don't feel like that is very healthy. Also they are very expensive and I feel that for the most part kind of over hyped. Also I have heard David Christopher say that it isn't pure water. He says he wants H2ONLY meaning just pure H2O the ionizers are more like H2O2 so not exactly water. He doesn't think they should call it water but that it should be called a therapy for those who need and benefit from it.

I do have a filter on my shower. Our skin is an amazing organ that can absorb things rather quickly. I have heard that you get more Chlorine and things into your system from a shower then from drinking a glass of tap water. You can get pretty decent shower filters for about 50-80 bucks.