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Strawberry Lemonade Snow Cone Syrup

How to make your own Healthy Snow Cones
This is a really fun basic recipe.  Your flavors and colors are endless and you certainly wont need artificial ANYTHING!  Try mango, pineapple, orange, blueberry, cherry, raspberry, etc.  Use individual fruits or mix up combinations. So fun and so Tasty!

Snow Cone Syrup without artificial colors or flavors
Strawberry Lemonade Snow Cone Syrup
6 Strawberries, stems removed
Juice of one Lemon
2-4 Tablespoons Agave Syrup (depending on how tangy you like it)

Blend ingredients together in blender.  Pour into a squeeze bottle, may strain if you don't want the strawberry seeds.  Pour over shaved ice just like a snow cone!  Yummy, lots of fun and has real flavor!  You won't taste the color red cause it isn't it there! ;)

We have had lots of fun making these this Summer!
We have used my Champion Juicer with the strainer removed so the crushed ice just falls out where the juice would, or my Pampered Chef Ice Shaver to shave the ice to snow cone texture!  We love this flavor and the wheels are turning thinking of more fun flavors.  Raspberry? Blueberry? Tropical?  Have fun see what you can come up with and be sure to share if it's a good one!


Lewyville said...

Hooray! I have been trying to figure out how to make our own healthy snow cone syrup all summer! My kids are feeling deprived that I won't stop at a snow shack. Can't wait to try this!

Emily said...

Healthy eating can be so much fun! These are the things that children remember their childhood by.

{leah} said...

I have a girlfriend who makes her own bottled grape juice with a handful of purple grapes in a mason jar and filled up with water. The water draws out the juice... over a long time... like 6 weeks. But I wonder if you did that and used less water so it was more concentrated to do a grape flavor??