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Missing in Action!

Oh my goodness have you noticed I haven't been posting or answering your questions or doing the giveaway that was supposed to happen on Tuesday?  So sorry!  My internet went down last Friday and just now has gotten fixed and is back up.  Because of that I'm extending the low introductory price through to the END of September and the giveaway until next Tuesday, the 6th of September.  Again very sorry for just kind of dropping off! ;)  Don't worry I'm back and have lots of tasty and healthy things to share including.....some yummy Quesadillas that were a huge hit at our home and my favorite homemade cleaning products that I have been wanting to share with you for a while now!

I will also work hard to get questions answered etc. ASAP!  In the mean time be sure to enter the giveaway if you haven't already.  And check back plenty next week while I catch up on posting!


Courtney said...

We just watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead- great video. What do you think about the whole juicing vs. smoothie debate?

Tammie said...

Courtney: Here's my thoughts, for what it's worth. ;) Juicing his a great way to get very concentrated nutrition BUT it's a hassle, expensive, and not near as filling especially for children. I think it is very important to get PLENTY of fiber! Juicing removes the fiber. One thing the Standard American Diet is VERY deficient in is fiber.

That said I think juicing has it's place. If we want to really let our digestive system rest for a bit, or we are dealing with a major health problem juicing can be an excellent way to get lots of nutrition in really fast with really quick absorption.

For my family we do very little juicing (like hardly ever;) but we do lots of green smoothies! I think they are just a quick easy way to get lots of good nutrition that still absorbs well, it's not as expensive because it doesn't take as much because the fiber is still in.

Again though I do think that if someone is trying to heal something juicing is invaluable! If it were me trying to heal something I would probably do both! But I'm all about prevention and raw foods is the best way to prevent and smoothies is a easy way to get plenty of raw foods in everyday!