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Simple Healthy Pantry Handout Download!

What to have and where to get it!

Start living the Simple Healthy Tasty Lifestyle now!

I have finally started working on making my handouts from classes I have taught available on my blog. I hope to one day have a page where they are all available to easily download and use. Today though you will have to be happy with this one. It's my Simple Healthy Pantry handout.  I get questions all the time on where the best place to get stuff is, and the top healthy "weird" items to buy if you are just starting out and want to make lots of my recipes.  It also includes our families top 10 sure to please meals.  You can also click on the underlined links and go directly to the sites I order from or the recipe I use!  The handout is full of lots of helpful info so be sure to download it. Hope you find it helpful!

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1 comment:

Emily said...

Way to go, Tammie! This is, quite possibly, the most amazing handout I've ever seen! Talk about super information!!

Thanks...you sweet thing!