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X-Ceptic for Pink Eye

X-Ceptic is something that, after using it a few times, I have never wanted to be without it.  I have found it to be great at clearing up some tough stuff.  First I will list a few things I have used it for then I will "show" you how I use it for pink eye.

I buy my X-Ceptic here at Dr. Christopher's Herb Shop online.

  • It is excellent to use on the belly button of a new born baby to keep the umbilical cord place clean and to help it dry up and fall off quickly.  I just swab it on with a Q-tip.
  • I have diluted it with water and used it as a gargle or mouthwash when I had a really scratchy sore throat.  (I would only use this for adults though I don't think children will appreciate it.)
  • I have used it lots when my kids had a bad cold or cough.  I rub Glandular System Massage oil on first then the X-Ceptic.  I rub it behind their ears, on their back, chest and sometimes feet.  The Glandular oil helps to break up congestion and the X-Ceptic helps to fight off the bugs.  
  • If I was worried about a bad cut or something getting infected I would add a few drops (not much cause it could sting) to Complete Tissue ointment and use it like a triple antibiotic type ointment.    
  • It's known as Natures prefect antiseptic, full of natures most potent bacteria and germ fighters.
  • My very most favorite use is for Pink Eye.  See what I do below.  You want to be careful because it does contain Cayenne and will sting if it gets in the eye.

Using X-Ceptic for Pink Eye:
I take just a small drop and lightly rub it on my finger.

Then I gently rub it under the affected eye being very careful not to get it in the eye.

With older children I will then rub my finger on their eyelid.  I have actually rubbed a little X-Ceptic in my eye when I had a bit of pink eye, it does sting pretty good although it cleared up the problem in one application it isn't at all what I recommend especially for children as they will not every let you near them with it again. ;)  My experience has had pink eye clear up most every time with only one or two applications.  A couple of times we had a stubborn case that took a few more applications than that but still cleared up in less than a week.  I have even used this on infants with pink eye you may want to dilute the drop (although I didn't) with a little water before you rub it under their eye and only rub under their eye not on the lid just to be sure you don't get it in their eye.  Be sure to wash your hands good afterwards so you don't spread anything.

I have also learned that placing Chamomile Tea Bags (I'm assuming wet ones) on the eyes helps to clear up pink eye and would be much more mild if you are worried about stinging or oversensitivity.  I have never tried this because the X-Ceptic works so fast and is easier than trying to keep tea bags on the eye.  But it is supposed to help too and is used quite a bit so I figured I better mention it.  There are probably other natural remedies for pink eye it's really about just helping to kill the infection without having to use prescription antibiotics especially since more often than not Conjunctivitis (pink eye) is viral.

Either way I hope my experiences can help if pink eye ever shows up and your house and that I have  convinced you that having a bottle of X-Ceptic in your first aid kit is a good idea!  I'm sure glad I have it!

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Cassie said...

Great info! I am sure this will come in handy. I have some X-ceptic and I am glad to know some more uses for it. As always, Thank you!

Wendy said...

Thanks for the info. I had pinkeye when I was nursing my daughter and I happened to read online that you could use breastmilk to clear it up. I figured it couldn't hurt so I put some in a dropper and used it for a day or so it and it cleared right up. It may be strange to some but it beats having to go to the doctor and get some drops that cost a lot of money!

Tami said...

Thanks Tammie! I wanted to get rid of it because I was going to go to have a baby. It was some bad stuff but now I am going in to get X-ceptic for the belly button of a newborn. Thanks!

Kimberley said...

Any ideas on getting little boys to take the hot honey. He cried the first time I gave it to him. It broke my heart we ate bread with it after that happened because I heard that helps but it isn't something he is willing to do again.

Tammie said...

Kimberley: Less Cayenne or no Cayenne and maybe even less garlic helps little boys to like it better. I have a couple of kids who don't like it but will take it if I use A LOT less Cayenne.

Jennifer said...

There's a children's version of X-Ceptic called Kid-e-Cep. Great for sore throats.

JHunzie said...

When using for pink eye, how often do you apply? Once a day? Every so many hours?

Tammie said...

JHunzie: I found it just depends on how it's looking. My experience is that it only takes one or two applications total. But if it was really stubborn I did find about twice a day until it started to clear up worked good.