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Inspiring Benefits of a Plant-Based Lifestyle!

I came across this yesterday!  I thought it was excellent!  Some people are so amazing!  It's just over 3 minutes, check it out......VERY inspiring!


Emily said...

Inspiring, Indeed!!

I love that your recipe of the day is zucchini bread. I mean, with all the zucchini sittin' on my counter top and the buttloads more growin' in the garden...I think I shall be able to freeze a years supply of that tasty bread.

Unless, of course, I could pawn some zuke off on YOU??!! :)

Love ya Sis!

Tammie said...

Em: You can pawn any fresh foods off on me that you want! Especially since we are just getting our garden planted and this raw food "spring cleaning" would sure be cheaper if I didn't have to buy all the raw food. ;) Love you too!!!!