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Citrus Strawberry Splash

Have you ever juiced fresh strawberries? Oh so very good! I made this juice one morning for breakfast.....obviously no complaints! All fruit juices or all fruit smoothies can be a great place to start for reluctant little ones that are still nervous about greens. Then gradually adding in greens will help them see that they aren't so bad!  Also I don't know about you but my kids have quickly learned that when I say, "This fruit needs to be eaten," that it's not the best fruit they have ever had.  In fact the other day I had some apricots and strawberries that I pulled out of the fridge and said...."This fruit needs to be eaten!"  To which my youngest Charly, who is 6 quickly responded, "Mom I don't like fruit that needs to be eaten."  She loves both apricots and strawberries...but she has learned if Mom says they need to be eaten then they may have some bruising or slightly mushy parts that she simply doesn't care for.  Although not rotten or bad yet fruit that needs to be eaten I have found is better frozen for smoothies or juiced. Then Charly along with all the others will happily enjoy the fruit that once seemed so unappetizing.

Citrus Strawberry Splash
1 pint fresh strawberries
1-2 large oranges
1 pear

Wash fruit, cut peel off orange, run through your juicer.  It's hard to mess us fresh fruit juice.  Do any combo you want.  Fresh Pineapple is Heavenly juiced, watermelon also works great with strawberries!  Fresh mint juiced with the fruit is fun too!  It's a great fast way to use up that fruit that "needs to be eaten!"

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Unknown said...

That looks delicious! We love smoothies and I have recently become obsessed with fresh juice. I can't wait to get a juicer so I can make my own fresh juice at home!