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You know what I like about ebooks?

They are REAL! I know they are digital and you don't actually flip the pages. Unless of course you print them out. What I mean by real is that I feel like when I'm reading or browsing through recipes in an ebook that the author is more real to me. Heck I know where to find them, their blog is usually not far away and I can actually email and ask them questions if I need to. It's like having a good friend right there coaching me along in the kitchen, while I'm teaching my kids or all the other many roles it seems I have to play at some time or another. It's real! They have already tried the recipes in the book or spent a Summer trying to plan productive activities and good times that will build memories.  I would have never thought of having a Summer Family Camp with a theme that had book, movie, fun and food ideas all based on a theme.  We are trying to get our yard and garden mostly finished this year so I thought the theme "Back on the Farm" would be fun for us to try.  But there were so many fun ones to choose from in the "Summer Survival Guide!"


I can tell you right now that we have planned the camping trips and ate the meals! Gone on the picnics and....well lived the ideas and things that went into our ebook! I know it's similar in "actual" books too.  Only more often then not I've never seen the author let alone read about their life or sent them an email or ran into them at a homeschool conference or something like that.


It's real! It's like having all those experienced Wives and Mothers right here with me every day as I learn through this wonderful and often messy life of mine. Without them I would feel like "the only one" who.....you fill in the blank. Without them I would feel kind of lonely. I have been very excited and grateful to be part of this book bundle and I'm sad that Monday morning it will be gone. But I hope and pray I can be involved in more in the near future! Not very often is there a group of "Mother Mentors" if you will, under one roof any more. We are spread out, serving in our little realm but because of the amazing miracle of technology we can come together in ebooks and blogs and I am so grateful for the many things I have learned and will continue to learn from all of those who put themselves out there and share a little of them with us!  Thanks so much.

BundleoftheWeek.com, 5 eBooks for $7.40!
Just a Simple reminder that you will only be able to purchase this Bundle at the very discounted price until Monday morning. They will however be available individually for hopefully a very, very long time!

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Tammy said...

I like ebooks for all of those reasons also. In addition to that, what I really love about your ebooks is the price! I for one still love a book that I can flip through, so I end up printing out the majority of ebooks that I purchase. However, so many that I see online cost about as much as they would if they were an actual book, making them too expensive to print out once I have paid for the ebook. I guess that is just one of the reasons why I own (and love) every one of yours. My son needed cookies for scouts tonight and his request was your Snickerdoodles. He tasted them and declared that they are "way better than the ones we used to make". Congratulations on being part of a bundle. I hope to see your books in more bundles as well!