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Toffee Made Healthier
Okay so I wouldn't categorize this in the healthy nourishing food section. But this time of year with the junk food around every corner.....this is a so much better version.

Years ago I made some Toffee Pretzel Crunch that my oldest daughter really enjoyed. She requested it every Christmas and I made it a few times. Then one year I tried making it and totally burnt it......I tried again and it was better but still  had a kind of burnt flavor.

add carob chips to hot toffee
So I gave up and haven't made it since. I wasn't sure why it had worked before but then pretty much failed 2 times in a row. I hate to waste food so I get a little nervous to keep trying when one batch completely fails.

Then this year for Missy's birthday she wasn't really excited about any kind of cake or really her birthday for that matter. She is 17 now.......dang wasn't I just 17?!?!?!

spread melted chips then add chopped nuts
So I asked her, "What if I made you some toffee?" I could see her being excited about that so I started trying to figure out how I could make some really good without burning it. As I thought about it I decided to use the organic sugar instead of Sucanat. I like the rich flavor of Sucanat and the dark color but it seems to have a lower burning point....although next time I think I will add a little in just for the richer darker flavor.

Great neighbor gift idea!
And because I found I didn't have to get it clear up to the hard crack stage of 290 degrees or more and still have it be a hard candy. I just needed to get it up to about 270. Honestly I like it better cause it's not so dang hard!

Trying to push it up to that higher temperature just made the candy making process so much more iffy. This was simple and worked really well.  Maybe I have found the secret too all my candy making woes! It works to not push it clear up to temperature.

Obviously this is not a recipe I will make often......it's funny back in my sugarholic days I would not have been able to get enough of this. It is super tasty! But a little bit was sweets enough for me. In fact Missy's birthday was over a week ago and there is still some hanging out in the pantry.

We just don't crave it. This is such a wonderful feeling for a past addict.  It's so nice to no longer be addicted to sugar! You can read about how I kicked the sugar habit here.

easy healthy toffee recipe
Easy Healthified Toffee
1 cup chopped and toasted almonds or pecans
1 cup coconut oil (remove 1 Tablespoon if using ghee)
1 Tablespoon ghee (optional)
1 drop natural butter flavor (optional)
1/2 teaspoon Real Salt
1 cup Raw and/or Organic Sugar
1 Tablespoon agave or maple syrup
3 Tablespoons water
1 teaspoon vanilla 
carob chips (enough to sprinkle over the top)

Toast nuts in a dry hot skillet until just golden brow. Stir them frequently and be sure not to burn they toast quickly. Sprinkle half of the nuts onto a small cookie sheet or cake pan that you have placed a sheet of parchment paper in.

In a medium sized sauce pan melt the coconut oil, optional ghee, butter flavor and salt. Add sugar, syrup and water.  Stir constantly at medium high heat until candy thermometer reaches 270 degrees. You may need to play with your stove and have it more on medium because you don't want it to get too hot too fast because it will burn. It gets to temperature pretty quickly so don't rush it.

As SOON as it hits 270 degrees then pour it as quickly spread it over the nuts in your pan. Wait just a minute then add desired amount of carob chips to cover the top. The toffee is still really hot so it will quickly melt the carob chips so within about a minute you can gently spread the carob with a knife and then add the rest of the chopped nuts on top.  Let cool completely. May put into fridge or freezer or just your freezing cold garage. (I guess that depends on where you live. But right now my garage is about as cold as my freezer. ;)

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May Family said...

I made this last year and it was oh so good. I couldn't eat just one piece. I managed to use sucanat too. I think I just heated it very slowly up to temperature. I just printed the recipe to make again. Hopefully it turns out well this time too. Thanks for the delicious recipes!