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My Weekly Meal Plan

My house is officially purged for at least six months! I'm pretty excited about that I feel like things are so much more productive when we aren't contending with lots of clutter. I was worried that the basement would be a lot worse to tackle it seemed like such a mess all the time. But when I got down there.....it was mostly cardboard and Lego's.

I think we have simplified this enough that it was easy to just pickup. Charly did get rid of some of her extra doll stuff and we got rid of a lot of the cardboard (my kids love to create and build with cardboard boxes, my son Matt even made last years Halloween Costumes out of cardboard, see pictures below). I like it cause it pretty much costs nothing and they get lots of fun out of it and I feel like it is a very good constructive type of play.

The Lego's found their way back to the bin and all the Lego instruction booklets were thrown away (the excuse was they can find the instructions online but mostly they don't build from the instructions all that often I prefer them to invent their own creations.) So now I'm on to other projects now this week like updating our chores, working on ebooks, crochet (well actually I have been learning to knit), recipe perfecting and of course lots of reading!

As far as our menu goes like most every week it's really Simple. A lot of people say that they feel like the majority of my time must be spent in the kitchen to be able to eat the way we do but it really isn't. It's always there because.....well we have to eat but it's more of a background thing that although I think is important and is a huge part of our lifestyle it doesn't really manipulate a whole lot of our time.

My Weekly Meal Plan

Taco Sundays

No-Fuss Potato Soup

Fettuccine Alfredo

Cauliflower and Curry Soup

Stir Fry with Quinoa


Roasted Veggies

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