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An Extra Bonus from Me!

I have been thinking about putting this together for a long time and today I finally did it! I have taught a lot of different local classes in the various communities I have lived in through the years. I have also had some fun pintables and labels available on this blog.

I kept telling myself that one day I would put in all together in one place so others could benefit from my handouts too, not just those who came to my classes. I thought it would be fun to offer it as a extra bonus when you purchase The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle through the affiliate links on my blog.

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But I can tell you right now what is included in my bonus. I hope you will find it helpful on your healthy homemaking journey.

Just my way of saying thanks! 

Below is a list of the handouts included in this pack:

  • Intro to Grains Handout
  • Spice Labels
  • Simple Healthy Pantry Handout (what I buy and where I get it)
  • Homemade Seasoning Labels
  • Green Smoothies Recipe Handout
  • Using Food Storage Handout
  • Homemade Bath and Beauty Labels
  • Homemade Vanilla Extract Labels
  • Christmas Tags
  • Cutting and Increasing a Recipe Handout
  • My Ingredients List Handout (what to look for when reading food labels)
  • Simple Healthy Pantry List Handout
  • Healthy Dinners and Snack Ideas Handout


Jodie said...

When I click on the link, it sends me to their website, but I can't see where to purchase. The "Buy Now" tab doesn't take you to a page to input your info.

Tammie said...

Jodie: It's working for me right now maybe try again. Let me know if it's still not working. Thanks!