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Almond Milk, Stretch Your Dollar Recipe

So I told you I would share my almond milk recipe that I have been putting in my latest favorite smoothie.
Now just so you know I don't consider this a nice rich creamy drink alone type milk...although some of my kids like drinking it straight from a glass.

This recipe is fairly dilluted compared to a lot of the others out there and because I wanted it to use mainly for smoothies or as milk in baking that it didn't need to be as thick either so I didn't bother with adding Irish moss or guar gum to give it a thicker, creamier texture. You could though if you wanted too.  Anyway just don't expect it to be a super tasty drink on it's own. That's a recipe for another time.

I like this recipe because IT'S CHEAP. I only use 1 cup of almonds and it makes 2 quarts of milk. It really helps that dollar stretch. Plus you are basically using raw sprouted almonds so it's full of enzymes and good nutrition. I also make sure and use the leftover almond pulp in pancakes or granola or something. Yep there will be recipes once they are perfected. ;)

Okay know that you don't need a high powered Blendtec Blender to make almond milk. The almonds are soaked and soft and there is plenty of water so a regular blender should work just fine.

I put a colander over a bowl and then place the nut milk bag in the colander it just makes it easier.

Then I usually just clip the bag closed and let it sit there and drain on it's own for a little while. After a bit or longer depending......you know how it is for Mom's ;) I then squeeze the rest of the milk out then finish making the milk. I put the pulp in the fridge to use later and rinse out the bag right......it cleans up really easy especially if you have got most of the liquid out of it.

Simple Cheap Almond Milk
1 cup almonds soaked in water overnight
8 cups water, divided
1/4 teaspoon real salt
20-30 drops liquid stevia, vanilla flavored

Drain water off the soaked almonds and rinse. Discard soak water. In blender blend the almonds and 4 cups of water until very well blended. Then strain through a nut bag or cotton cloth (see pictures above to see how I do it.) Pour strained milk into 2 quart pitcher, add 4 more cups of water the salt and stevia. Refrigerate and use within about a week. Stir well before each use. Save almond pulp in fridge to add to muffins, pancakes, granola etc.

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Anonymous said...

do you have to use stevia or just vanilla

Tammie said...

Anonymous: I use vanilla flavored stevia but if you don't want it sweetened at all you can just add vanilla. If you don't want vanilla flavor you can leave that out too.