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Brussels Sprout that even picky eaters like!

I have always pronounced them Brussel Sprouts and I guess a lot of people do so many that it's not really "wrong" to spell or pronounce them that way.

But I was curious so I looked it up and from what I could find the original way was Brussels Sprout, and yes that's plural. But some will say Brussels Sprouts I'm really sure it doesn't make a huge difference unless of course you speak and/or teach more proper English than I. ;)

You know though if your are saying it fast the two S's kind of just come together anyway so maybe no one has ever known I have been saying it wrong all these years. But that's exactly what I have always heard.....and I'm guessing many of you have heard it that way too. So the question is.....Who started dropping the S in the first place and let the rest of us astray? 

It seems they originated in Brussels and wow it's all coming together now! Learn something new everyday. Either way you say it though (and I personally think I'll keep saying it the way I have always said it but with a new awareness ;) you have got to try them cooked up this way.

Even my very pickiest eaters who would always turn up their noses on something with the word sprout in it will down a side of these and ask for more. We even planted some a few years back because they insisted we needed to eat them more often.

Balsamic Brussel Sprouts or Brussels Sprout
1 package Brussels Sprout, quartered
1-2 Tablespoons coconut or olive oil
a few splashes of balsamic vinegar about 2 Tablespoons or to taste
Real Salt and pepper to taste
No Salt Seasoning to taste, we like the Costco kind

In a large frying pan warm the oil. Add the sprouts and saute for a minute or two. Then add the vinegar and seasonings, cook until nice and tender but not soggy. Sit back and be amazed that your kids will eat them. (May not work for picky eaters under 6.....but I would still try ;)

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