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My Personal Added Bonus

As you hopefully all know the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle sale starts TOMORROW! You should also know that my Breakfast book is part of that bundle along with a huge collection of other healthy living ebooks, ecourses that I can't wait to start taking and lots of super bonuses.

I will direct you to all of the details tomorrow and at the risk of sounding salesy I really think this is the best bundle yet! There will be something for everyone of all degrees of health and ways of eating. Now just know even I get a little overwhelmed with all the info and things included in these big bundle sales......But I have learned that you don't have to eat the whole elephant.....just look at the things you are interested in and could benefit from. I think you will find that even at that it's still an awesome deal!

I will try to share some of the things that have really caught my eye throughout the sale since I'm sure some of you share similar interests as me otherwise you probably wouldn't be here. ;)

Alright and even though the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle includes so much.....I always like to offer my own personal added bonus because to be honest I get a pretty good commission when you buy the bundle from my link and these bundle sales help pay bills for this blog more than any other thing I have tried. Ultimate Bundles has come up with a great business model and it benefits everyone involved....the customer, the little blogger, the big blogger, the bonus partners.....it's just super and everyone is so wonderful to work with.

It's not really about the money this blog is more of a passion and a hobby and has not ever really broke even.....but it's totally worth it because I get emails on a fairly regular basis from people telling me their lives and the lives of their families has changed in part because of inspiration they received here. That is better payment than anything! But unfortunately it doesn't keep the bills for this blog paid.

So as an added bonus when you purchase this years Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle through my affiliate link and let me know by email you will get my newest ebook My Simple Healthy Life and the Simple Healthy Handout Variety Pack.

Below is a list of the handouts included in the pack:

  • Intro to Grains Handout
  • Spice Labels
  • Simple Healthy Pantry Handout (what I buy and where I get it)
  • Homemade Seasoning Labels
  • Green Smoothies Recipe Handout
  • Using Food Storage Handout
  • Homemade Bath and Beauty Labels
  • Homemade Vanilla Extract Labels
  • Christmas Tags
  • Cutting and Increasing a Recipe Handout
  • My Ingredients List Handout (what to look for when reading food labels)
  • Simple Healthy Pantry List Handout
  • Healthy Dinners and Snack Ideas Handout
Just my way of saying I can't thank you enough! 

    This sale is now over if you would like to be notified of future sales that are similar click here subscribe to the newsletter.

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