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Peaches 'N Almond Green Smoothie with Oats

Most of you know that I'm a big smoothie fan! Very often I will get people talking to me about health and diet and they will ask me what is the first thing they should start doing if they want to be healthier.

I always tell them to start drinking green smoothies. Well honestly the first thing I tell them is to get all non-food items out of their diet. But when I go on to explain what that means like soda, junk food, ingredients you can't pronounce etc......And they look at me like that's impossible.....I then tell them to just try drinking a green smoothie most every day.

I tell people that because I know it only takes a few minutes of their time and is actually faster then fixing a breakfast or lunch. I also know that you can usually have quite a bit of healthy stuff that most people don't care for in them and have them taste good. And then I know that if someone starts putting that kind of nutrition into their bodies on a regular basis cravings for the non-foods start to get less and less and then guess what.......they actually start doing the very thing I suggested in the first place. And they don't really even know it's happening.

It's totally not about deprivation, overwhelm and giving up things you enjoy it's about filling up your life with things that are better and when you are fully nourished there simply isn't room for the junk food.

I seem to be one that kind of craves the same kind for a while and have it a lot then decide to switch it up.......OR maybe it's because Costco quits selling the super yummy super affordable organic frozen pineapple so I'm not making this smoothie as much. :( Boohooo!

One thing that I really love about smoothies is that you can pack so much fruit and veggies along with other healthy add-ins like herbs etc. Sometimes though I like to keep it really simple like this one but it's still not lacking in tons of nutrition.

I usually like to make my smoothies pretty thick almost like soft ice cream but I'm finding that the frothy runny milk shake texture is also super yummy. I love how the blended chia, oat, flax mixture actually lends to it's creamy texture not to mention upping the nutrients.

I also have been really enjoying making my own almond milk. I have found a simple AFFORDABLE way to make it that works great for smoothies. It may not be the best kind to drink plain (although Charly really likes it) but it works awesome for smoothies and saves me lots of money plus it's raw so it's much healthier. I'll share my recipe soon!

Oh by the way do you like my new glass straw? I got it from Strawesome I love their glass straws and I happened to have a $15 gift certificate to use that I got as part of The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Sale so I grabbed me a couple more straws!

Peaches 'N Almond Green Smoothie with Oats
3 cups almond milk
1-2 Tablespoons chia, oat, flax mix (recipe below)
1 large handful spinach
1 small handful baby kale or baby greens blend
2 frozen bananas
2 cups frozen peaches

Place all ingredients except frozen fruit into blender and blend until smooth and frothy then add the frozen fruit and blend again until smooth and frothy ;) Then pour into glasses (preferably canning jars) and enjoy!

Chia, Oat, Flax Mix
1 part chia seed
3 parts regular rolled oats
1 part golden flax seed

Place all ingredients into a seed and/or coffee grinder or I find my bullet works really well. And blend into a kind of fine a little bit course powder. ;)

You can choose whatever you want to equal a part like a Tablespoon if you only want to make a little or a  measuring cup if you want to make a lot and store it in the fridge. I usually use 1/4 cup and keep one or two weeks worth in the fridge.

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