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Dry Shampoo and Face Powder in One

I discovered this by accident one day.  You see Missy and I had both seen face powder made with cornstarch and coco powder and other spices and thought we would try our own version. So we made up a small batch and tried to made a pretty good match to our skin tone.

We both really liked it but since I only wear make up once in a while I didn't notice when it was missing from my bathroom. On day I was having one of those days where my hair didn't really need washing but for some reason it had a little extra oil at the roots so I thought a dry shampoo would come in handy.

Then I remembered the face powder but I couldn't find it.....I asked Missy where it was and she came up with a nearly empty container from her room. There was just enough to try it out. So I took a powder brush and rubbed it in at the roots then brushed through it.

I was quite happy with the results the powder absorb any greasy look my roots had and even though it was a bit lighter then my hair color I actually liked that it seemed to kind of give some natural looking highlights to my hair and guess what else........it seemed to hide the grey that has been starting to accumulate! ;)

I made a note to self that when and if the grey gets out of hand this may be a better option then trying to color it.  Either way though it works great as dry shampoo and/or face powder.

Dry Shampoo & Face Powder In One
Arrowroot Powder
Carob and/or Cocoa Powder

In a jar add some arrowroot powder (I used about 1 cup you can use less if you aren't sure how you will like it) then just add a few Tablespoons of Carob or Cocoa powder until you feel it is almost you skin and/or hair color (to add highlights and help hide gray keep it a few shades lighter then you hair color if you are blonde maybe you could try spices with more yellow tones not sure how it would work though)

Then add a little cinnamon and/or nutmeg to get just the color you want. If using on your skin don't overdo the cinnamon (not more than a teaspoon or 2) or it may kind of create a burning sensation when applied to the skin.

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