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Week 7

Oh man only two more weeks to go! I wonder who the Biggest Loser will be?!?!?!?!? This weeks challenge is really quite simple and I hope you will try to make it more of a lifelong habit! I want you to really pay attention and try very hard to eat MUCH......


I am not really sure but I'm guessing Americans love affair with meat has A LOT to do with really good marketing! I could go on and on about how making meat your main course and basing most meals around it is NOT healthy. But I won't torture you! I'm sure though if you stopped to think about it you would see it's not serving you or helping you meet your weight loss goals.

I'm not saying you should give up your meat unless of course you want to ;) just eat much, MUCH, less of it! Start thinking salads, and other really healthy foods as your MAIN dish! (Of course beware of dressings most name brands WILL NOT help you READ INGREDIENTS! Have a little meat on the side if that's what you like but make it the side dish! If you are worried about getting full enough think of potatoes, whole grain pastas and breads, brown rice, and plenty of beans of ALL kinds!

If you are wondering what you are going to make you can start here these are many of the main dishes we have on a regular basis. If you are wondering about some of the ingredients that you have not heard of please feel free to ask me about them. I will be happy to tell you where I get them, the best price and brands I like, or heck you can even come over and I'll give you the weird ingredients you need so you can try a recipe! (Seriously I mean that!) Again if you want your meat have a little on the side or a tiny bit mixed into the dish but just try to make a habit of thinking differently about how meat presents itself on your table. I think you will find eating less meat will also save you money and who doesn't need to save a bit of that right now! So go ahead it's a great habit to get into. Eat....



Emily said...

Where in tarnation did you get that picture of Auntie Helga? Wait...don't tell me - was it at our last big shin-dig when you are Ry were in charge of the main dish? Those were some yummy buns! ;)

Love your posts!

Melanie Bingham said...

Good lean protein????I am new to your web site and interested to try it. I am a yo yoer and it's got to stop!! I am having a hard time with the less meat thing. ok with less red meat. But I'm a big fan of good protein.. fish and chicken and really lean grain fed red meat...becuase I know I am carb sensitive! When I plan meals around whole grains and lots of fruit and vegies thoughout the day I am on carb overload. I like beans but in a real day can not get enough of them to balance out all those carbs. Thanks

Tammie said...

Melanie: I used to feel like you do. I even remember buying ground turkey :P because I thought it was leaner and better for me. I was really glad that I had learned and understood a little better by the time the Low Carb craze hit. So much false propaganda was preached and I believe some people really messed up their systems.

Frankly the truth of it is that for the most part we are not meant to eat a lot of meat. It stresses the body. It contains no fiber and takes 3 days to digest. It also uses up and depletes our enzyme store causing us to age faster. And that's if you have good meat I won't get into all the antibiotics, hormones, unlabled cloned meats etc. Of big business.

That being said we are all different. We have different body types, live in different climates and simply have different circumstances. It is important to study all you can from lots of different sources and then listen to you body. Some people do seem to need more protien than others some do better with more COMPLEX carbs. (we really shouldn't eat any other kind;) We all could use more fresh fruits and veggies.

I just feel with the Standard American Diet meat has taken center stage in our meals far too long. Most of us would be better off with lots less.

Vanessa said...

How do you feel about rabbit meat? We plan on raising and eating rabbits for the winter months. Do you know much about it. As of right now...I'm completely off of meat. I stick to the grains, veggies and fruits.

Thanks Vanessa

Tammie said...

Vanessa: I personally have never had rabbit meat and it really doesn't sound good to me. If you have read my story you will find that I actually just slowly lost my taste for meat. It all started tasting very "fleshy!" But hey that's just me I'm sure if I was hungry enough.... ;)

But the small town girl in me thinks it's probably a good idea to raise some of you own food like that. I do think raising your own food of all kinds is the way to go if you have a way to do it. I would be sure though to still not have it be the main dish and not eat a lot of it. Also taking an enzyme and/or eating some sauerkraut or lots of fresh foods like raw veggies and salad that have lots of enzymes do help it digest well. And again it really should be one of the smallest portions of you meal.

Tammie said...

Oh by the way Emily your pretty funny! ;)