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There is nothing much more healthier than a good laugh! My husband and I sat and watched some of these the other night it was so nice to just laugh right out loud; It's amazing how it just makes you feel better! We decided we really like this Tim Hawkins guy, he's clean, funny, and bonus, he was homeschooled! ;) These were some of my favorites I'm sure you'll see why!

Also isn't it funny how much truth can be found in the form of comedy! I'm just sayin'! ;)



Emily said...

Whooooo HOoooo...ya got me laughin' out loud sista!

Bry and I actually watched the Government one the other day...thought it was so good that we decided to watch Willie Wonka tonight.

Thanks for the laughs...and the heart burn. :)

Have a great night!

FeistyGirl said...

LOL! Loved the govt one! Haven't watched the others yet. Thanks for giving me my dose of laughter for the day!

Travis'wife said...

Haha!! That gov't one was hilarious!! My husband's gonna die laughing.