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My Version of Spumoni

What is Spumoni you ask? Well I didn't know until I made an Italian themed dinner for Valentines a few years back! This was our dessert! Another instant favorite! I of course put my own spin on it. Click here if you would like to know more about Spumoni! Not the epitome of health food so I did my best to healthify it to fit the Simple, Healthy, Tasty lifestyle! It turned out pretty dang good if I do say so myself!  ENJOY!

My Version of Spumoni
1/2 gallon (2 quarts) Vanilla Ice cream, divided (recipe below)
1 recipe My Favorite Whipped Creme, divided
1 pint of fresh strawberries, or frozen Cherries
Truffles recipe (leaving out nut butter, made but still liquid)
1 large bread pan lined with plastic wrap

The Vanilla ice cream can be freshly made or frozen and then slightly softened. Take half of it and mix with half of My Favorite Whipped Creme. Wash and take the tops off all the strawberries and pulse in blender or food processor. Add to the ice/whipped cream mixture. Pour into bread pan freeze until firm. For the next layer take the other quart of vanilla ice cream and the rest of the whipped cream and mix together. Then take the liquid truffle recipe and slowly pour and then stir so it will harden into little truffle flecks in the ice cream. I did not use the entire batch of truffles I used the rest to make "Chocolate" Dipped Strawberries! Also I used natural peanut butter instead of the almond butter in this recipe cause I wanted a kind of peanut butter/chocolate flavor. It will be good either way though! But feel free to do whatever you want! Take your bread pan with the Strawberry layer out of the freezer and add the Truffle layer on top. Freeze until firm let soften a little before turning onto a platter, slicing, and serving! Makes a pretty, tasty, dessert that EVERYONE will love!

Note: You could put cherries in the place of the strawberries and add a pistachio layer it would be a little more authentic! ;) Also the ice cream recipe makes more than 1/2 gallon so you will have some left over! That's great news isn't it! ;)


TheShippenFamily said...

I had a couple questions for you. My baby has really bad reflux. I am not nursing and the dr wants to put him on medication and the rx formula I am not really fond of that idea. Do you know of any other options I may have?
Thnks Melissa Shippen

Tammie said...

Melissa, Alright first off and I'm sure you know this. I am not a Doctor so I'm not able to perscribe but I can certainly tell you what I would do if I were in your shoes. I like you would not be fond of the idea of medication and rx formula either.

Is there a reason you are not nursing? That to me is best but if you can't then next best thing I would use is probably coconut water but that can be pretty pricy so then I would probably go for raw goat's milk. Both contain enzymes that help with digestion and when it's poor you can easily get the reflux problems. Also I would be sure he is not laying flat when eating.

For my babie's colic or reflux problems I always used Dr. Christopher's Kid-E-Col. It's great for all types of tummy upset. You can find it online or at the health food store.

Ummm there may be more to address but it's hard to know without visiting about it. I also have a essential oil that I have used that seems to work great for stomach upset and heartburn something like that could help too. If it were me I would probably try anything before the expensive meds and formula! But that's just me! ;) If you would like to visit about it feel free to stop by or call.

Emily said...

Uhhhhh Tams...This looks amazing! So you're tellin' me that the bottom layer is truffles mixed with the ice cream mixture? It looks like a buttery crust! Yum...Yum...Yum. Too bad I am currently on the 99% RAW food diet due to dad-gum thrush issues. Sigh. Hopefully soon I can make some of this stupendous looking Spumoni...Tammie style.

Can't wait to see you all!

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful, and I am thinking it tastes very satisfying and decadent too. Tam, you are amazingly creative. Love, Mom

Sophie said...

Spumoni is my favorite ice cream flavor. Like how you've made it your own here, what a pretty dessert!