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Berry Creamy Carob Cake

For his birthday my son said he wanted chocolate cake but he didn't want pecans like the frosting has in the German "Chocolate" Cake recipe although the rest of us really like that frosting it was HIS birthday.  So this is what we came up with.....

Berry Creamy Carob Cake
Make this cake recipe without the frosting
Make this whipped creme
Favorite fresh berries, we like strawberries and/or raspberries

Cut the cake in pieces and place on plates top with the whipped creme and berries.  ENJOY!


Courtney said...

We have done a similar thing LOTS, very yummy!

Emily said...

Oooooo...great idea for those nutty kids who don't like nuts!!

Clean out your fridge, sis...mom said she'll bring you up a butt-load of goods from the garden!

Miss you!

Pam said...

That looks delish....wonderful blog you have! Enjoy!

solivvus said...

Ok Tammie. What do you do for a girl who has an intolerance for foods with high fat contents like coconut milk and coconut oil? It seems like every time Rene eats this sort of thing her stomach can't handle it.

Tammie said...

If it were me I would do a liver/ gall bladder cleanse. A lot of times people who have a hard time with fats it's because their gall bladder isn't functioning properly. When doing any type of cleansing you want to be sure your channels of elimination are clear so sometimes a colon/kidney cleanse before or at the same time can be good too.