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Feed a Crowd Pancake Mix

Update:  July 2010
Just bringing this forward again.  Summer is passing us by and we haven't gone camping yet!  But we are planning a few trips soon!   These will definitely be on the menu.  Thought you might like them too!  We have been doing lots of Dutch oven cooking though and are getting close to perfecting some really Tasty recipes!  No need to eat Hot Dogs while camping RIGHT!!

I came up with this recipe a while ago. We make it lots it's super Simple and very Tasty! This past Summer while camping I also found that I could mix the dry ingredients all together into a gallon size Ziplock and then put a label on the outside that said how much of the liquid ingredients to add. It made it so fast and easy especially for camping! And this particular recipe makes a good big batch!

Feed a Crowd Pancake Mix
6-8 cups whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon sea salt
3 teaspoons baking powder (the non-aluminum kind of course;)
2 teaspoons baking soda
1/2 cup Sucanat

Mix the above ingredients together then add:

2 cups rice milk
2 teaspoons vanilla
4 Tablespoons coconut or olive oil
water to desired consistency

Add wet ingredients and stir add just enough water for the consistency you like some people like thinner crape like pancakes some like them thicker and fluffier. I just add some water stir and add a little more if it's still too thick. Also you can always add more flour if you accidentally make them too thin. See so Simple!!!


Vanessa said...

Tammie I have a question for you...I am a huge fan of butter, what would be a good alternative to put on pancakes, popcorn,corn on the cob etc?

Tammie said...

Vanessa: We use coconut oil and LOVE it especially if you get the good stuff ;) (look at link on my sidebar) Also for pancakes we like to use peanut butter sometimes. Just a little something I picked up from my Dad when I was a kid. The sausage dipped in sugar did not carry over however ;) imagine that!

Vanessa said...

Do you use refined, unrefined?

Tammie said...

Vanessa: I use the unrefined. You know the drill organic, cold pressed, extra virgin. ;) Of course the refined is still better then using the "other" oils from the grocery store and if all you are going to do is fry and cook with it why not. But to use in place of butter the cold pressed is just a better option.

(other oils= vegetable, canola, margarine, lard ;)etc.)

Courtney said...

That looks great! I have been looking for a pancake mix recipe. Have you tried other grains in it like buckwheat or quinoa. We also like peanut butter and maple syrup on our pancakes.

Jes said...

This looks so good...my kids are going to flip (pardon the pun) when they find out what's for breakfast tomorrow!

Do you happen to now approximately how many pancakes this makes? I know if I make too many I could freeze them, just figured I'd get a rough estimate! ;)

Thank you again for sharing another one of your lovely recipes!

Tammie said...

Courtney: I have not tried other grains but I'm sure it would be good. We have had buckwheat pancakes before and we really like them!

Jes: I figure this recipe will feed about 12 hungry people sorry that's not more specific I just know it makes up a bunch and I have fed that many with it and they all seemed satisfied.

Vanessa said...

I made these for my kids this morning and I cut the recipe in half and made them in my Belgian waffle maker...they gobbled these up like candy! Thank you! Thank you!

...now onto the peanut butter cookies!

Paula Adams Perez said...

Hey Tammie! You won! Wow! I just saw an email from Mountain Rose Herbs and saw you won the herbal recipe contest! Yippee!

Anonymous said...

HI:) I see that you have a lot of recipes with rice milk. Is this something that is interchangeable? Like almond milk maybe? Thanks!!

Tammie said...

homebirthmomma: YES Almond milk, rice milk, Hemp milk, etc. Anyone you like should work just fine.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your help and your patience with me and all my questions ;)

Tammie said...

homebirthmomma: Not a problem at all! Anytime!

L Chase said...

Been looking for a good egg-less pancake for years! Today I needed one more than ever I decided to check your site. I was not disappointed. The pancakes looked like gingerbread to me and that made me want some gingerbread, so I added 1 T cinnamon, 1 T ginger, 1/2 tsp cloves.
So Fun and Yummy!