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Fudgsicle or Frosty

This is just super fun recipe!  For Fudgsicles I use less ice and make it a little thinner and more carob to make it more "fudgy"  you may want a little more sweetener too.  Just do it to taste!  You will want to hurry and put the Fudgsicles into the freezer right after you pour them into the molds!

Fudgsicle or Frosty
3-5 cups of ice depending on how thick or thin you want it for
 Fudgsicles I would start with three cups and go from there for Frosties
I would start at 4 cups and add more if you like it thicker.
2-4 Tablespoons raw carob powder up to 4 for Fidgsicles 2 1/2-3 for Frosty
1/3 cup natural sweetener of choice (I have used Sucanat or Agave)
1 can coconut milk
3/4 teaspoon guar gum (optional)

Blend in blender on high until smooth!

Total Time to Make: 5 Minutes (doesn't include freezing time for Fudgsicles)

When I made this and gave it to Ryan after tasting it he knew exactly what it was supposed to be like!  He didn't call it a chocolate shake he said,  "That's a Frosty!"  It must at least taste somewhat close to the "real thing!"

It's really just so sad this little girl has NEVER had a artificial colored and flavored sugar water Popsicle, Otter Pop or the like!  She's just so deprived and looks really upset about it doesn't she!


Nonna Beach said...

That is awesome and the photos are so cute...that is one lucky little girl !

Maile said...

Nevermind, I looked up your link, thanks!

Emily said...

Mmmmmmm Mmmmmm....looks yum. Oh and tell Missy I LOVE her shirt! :)