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Of all my more expensive type kitchen tools this is BY FAR the one I use the most!  For those of you starting out and wondering which tool will be of the most value to you; I know this one sure is for me. It gets used EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Usually 2-3 times!  I only have just a few of the expensive kind but they do make life in the kitchen much more Simple, Healthy, and Tasty!  But if I had to save up and/or could only afford one for right now a Blendtec would be it!

It's only been the past year or so that I have had a nice blender! So I know that you can still eat healthy and make great things using a regular inexpensive blender! So please don't think that if you don't have one of these machines that you can't be a healthy creative cook! I did however burn up and/or break two regular blenders and was working on my third one when I decided this would be a good investment.

I have had a lot of people ask me what blender I use. Well most people I knew had a Vita-mix and it is a great machine but when I started looking at machines to buy I came across the Blendtec and wondered if I wouldn't like it better! I had used the Vita-mix quite a bit and knew the things I did and did not like about it. Both machines are very comparable. Here is a chart you can look at if you like the nitty gritty facts. Like I said pretty comparable.

These are the Simple reasons I chose to get the Blendtec. Both containers are the same volume but the Blendtec's is wider and shorter so it will fit under your cupboards and it is easier to clean stuff out from the bottom and you don't get messy up to your elbows! (Blendtec also sells a "Wildside" version that has a even bigger container!  It is 96 ounces and it's the one I use all the time.  It will make about a quart of smoothie for me and a pint for each of my four children.) I like that you can push the different setting buttons and it goes through the cycle of speeding up and slowing down without me having to change the speeds! But I also have the manual change speed option if I need it. I like it's wide blade that it pulls stuff down really well and you don't need the messy tamper thing! Again both are great machines with great reputations but those are just some of the reasons I chose to get the Blendtec! I use it ALL the time! It has made Healthy eating that much more Simple! If you are wanting to buy an expensive kitchen tool to help with eating Simple, Healthy, Tasty. A blender is definitely the place I would start! Just for fun check out Will it Blend?



Anonymous said...

I am still wondering whether I will decide to get a Blendtec when my Vitamix bites it. I will have to come and try yours for a few times before I can decide for sure. at any rate, the are great machines, and I use mine mucho. Love ya, Mom

Permission to Mother said...

I love your posts. My house guests went through your blog earlier today and helped me research the blenders and collect your recipes.


The Lazy Organizer said...

I am definitely going to get a blend-tec thanks to you. Now we just have to make ourselves spend the money. OUCH! My kids love Will It Blend. Thanks for the link!

Courtney said...

I am still waiting on our Kitchen Aid Blender to die... I love that the Blend Tec fits under the counter. I saw a demo of the Vita Mix and yes it's a cool blender but it's too tall.
By the way, we made your deodorant recipe and both my hubby and I like it. It works great and smells so good. Have you tried the lotion bars? They are wonderful too and similar ingredients to the deodorant.

Tammie said...

Courtney: Hopefully your Kitchen Aid will last a long time. I went about 5 or 6 years usuing cheaper blenders but none of them were Kitchen Aid maybe it's not a "cheaper blender" ;)

It's great to hear that others find the deodorant works. I'm still amazed that I don't stink! I love it! I have not yet tried the lotion bars but I totally plan too soon! Thanks for sharing!

Queen Mommy said...

My husband found a BlendTec for sale on CL this summer. It was HALF of the regular price. The guy selling it had bought it a year before, used it less than 10x (as we could verify from the number of logged units), was moving to CA, and didn't want to take it with him. We LOVE it! In just a few days we had doubled the usage amount.

Cherie said...

I am in the middle of debating which blender to purchase.
The problem is, it looks to me like neither one comes apart for a thorough cleaning. And on a regular blender there is a rubber gasket that gunk gets stuck under no matter how much soapy water you blend. How does the construction differ on these? Does it really clean up thoroughly? Or only good enough for non-obsessed with germs people?

Tammie said...

Cherie: You are right this one doesn't have a bunch of parts. (one of the things I really like about it, less to mess with and clean) On the container I have, the rubber gasket is encased and doesn't get dirty.

The blade only has two long prongs instead of the typlical 4 or more and my whole hand fits down inside so it is easy to clean good around the blade and usually just spraying hot water through my kitchen sprayer nozzle will usually get the "gunk" off! It also is dishwasher safe. Really one of the things I like best about this blender is that it cleans up so easily!

But I will also be very honest with you and tell you that I have learned to not really be afraid of a few germs. In my natural healing courses I learned they are not quite as bad as I thought they were. Although I'm still all for wanting things clean! ;)

easyrealfood.com said...

I personally have a Vitamix and love it! I think there are many people who would be in favor of either blender, they are the 2 best on the market. What I really like about the Vitamix is the tamper. When things are too thick and having a hard time mixing or there's something stuck to the side you just use the tamper to get things going. I can't imagine not having it! Regardless I think any home wanting to switch to a healthier lifestyle MUST have a high powered blender, they are great!!!!I too use mine multiple times a day, pancakes, smoothies, salad dressing, hummus...the list goes on.