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Update on Bonnie

Remember my dear friend Bonnie who's doctor told her she really needed to do something because she could have a heart attack anytime!  And that she was borderline if not already diabetic!  Well here is a copy of the email she sent me last week.

OK I got my test results.
Here goes
In May my Cholesterol was 166, It is now 157 (Which is wonderful)
In May My HDL (the good cholesterol) was 32 is now 29 OK that one should be 40-60 so I need to keep working on that
In May my LDL (the bad Cholesterol) was unreadable, it was way too high, it is now 77 is needs to be under 130 so it is way wonderful
In May my Triglycerides was 430 it is now 259 which is still high, (should be under 150) but a whole lot better than what it was.
My glucose and everything else was wonderful.
IT IS WORKING. I will go back in a few more months and see what it is then.


Bonnie also told me that this was the first time that she had been weighed that she didn't weigh more then the following year before.  She had been steadily gaining a little weight every year.  This time she weighed LESS!  Also her daughter has lost over 10 pounds and I can see she is looking better all the time.  Bonnie's son has found he feels MUCH BETTER on the diet he has had issues with ADHD for a long time.  He can tell when he eats things like sugar, food coloring and especially MSG that he feels out of control.  He's says it's not always easy but the family sees and he feels the difference so he wants to keep trying!

Bonnie also says that she knows she still isn't perfect at the diet (who ever is, right!)  But she has come a long way!  She still struggles to totally stay away from Soda Pop but drinks much, much less then she used too!  She tries to do Green Smoothies often and has become EXPERT at healthifing treats!  I know I'm her neighbor I get to try them!!!! ;)  She was very excited about her results and says it gave her the motivation to keep progressing and doing better all the time!  I told her to keep focusing on getting lots of good fats to help bring her good cholesterol up!  I told her adding nuts and seeds to her smoothies would be an easy way to do that especially things like Walnuts, Almonds, Flax and Sesame seeds!

I just love that even with some simple changes and not even being 100% perfect with my Ingredient List, Bonnie is still seeing results!  Our bodies are so amazing and so forgiving and just really love us when we try to give them some good whole food nutrition!  I hope this helps to motivate you to continue trying even when you aren't always perfect at it.  I think even little efforts can make a BIG difference! 


Emily said...

Oh, Hooray Bonnie!! That is wonderful news! Keep working hard...you are amazing!

And, boy howdy, about being an expert on 'healthifing' treats! Like her orange sherbet...YUMMY!

TheShippenFamily said...

Yay for Bonnie, I am so happy for her. And espcially her kids. Food has such a big impact on how they feel and act.