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My Article in the School of Natural Healing Newsletter

It recently occurred to me that many of you may not subscribe to the School of Natural Healing newsletter.  Last month they featured a article by Yours Truly!  I thought some of you might enjoy reading it.  It was about Kicking the Junk Food Habit for the New Year!  Better late then never right.  READ IT HERE!

School of Natural Healing was one of the best things that ever happened to me! (Not counting all the wonderful people in my life, especially my sweet husband)  I talk about that here.  Now I have another reason to love them all the more! ;)  Oh by the way their Newsletter is worth subscribing to.


bethanyp said...

Tammie, I thought your article was so informative, helpful and entertaining! Great job! I'm looking forward to the "that's too sweet" days. I know they're coming to me, slowly but surely.
(I actually said that about my husband's orange julius the other day, after drinking YOUR creamsicle green smoothie!)

Emily said...

Can you subscribe to the newsletter with out taking the course, and how?
? I have recently gotten thrush, (a nursing yeast infection)(my guess, highscool antibiotics for acne, pluse 4 children w/ baby stress) and I have researched and found some common info, but one place said no wheat, while another said quinoa and spelt were fine, which confused me as those are ancient forms of wheat, am I right? Another said all the above were ok as berries are ground fresh, as long as eaten about 10 %. Wheat ok? Spelt, quinoa? I bet this Dr. Christopher coarse could answer my questions, however I need to hop on accurate info quickly and sustain a yeast free diet 4-8 weeks.
...I've been making your cheese and such already, so that is good for the no milk, no cheese part, but one article says, no coconut, only soy milk. :( I love that coconut milk you use its so delish! Thanks!

Flora said...

They have a newsletter??? Yes I want to subscribe!

Tammie said...

Go to www.herballegacy.com and you can sign up for their newsletter! It is free!

Tammie said...

Emily: There are lots of things you can do for Thrush. Mostly if I were you I would take care of the problem at hand there is a good post at Passionate Homemaking on Natural Thrush Remedies http://www.passionatehomemaking.com/2010/08/natural-thrush-remedies-for-breastfeeding.html

Those things will help LOTS! Then after you are done nursing I would seriously consider cleansing to clean up any possible yeast overgrowth or systemic yeast and to rebalance the system. Email me I think I have a old SNH article that covers that in detail.

Emily said...

Emily: Tammie e mailed me and asked if I would share a couple of things I have learned about dealing with thrush. Ironically...my baby and I have thrush right this minute. It is horrible stuff...super painful and doesn't like to take a hike. This is what I am currently doing.

First off....have you ever tried Gentian Violet? It works wonders. You can get it from the pharmacy section at most grocery stores. Use it liberally on yourself. If you see white spots in the baby's mouth...you can dab it directly on them as well...just dilute it with water, half and half.

Next....avoid any and all sugars. This is super tricky because it seems like everything has sugar in it. Even fruit feeds the yeast. :(

Also...take Pro-Biotic Acidophilus. I use the Nutrition Now brand. Take 3-4 capsules 3 times a day to help restore the friendly flora to your system. I also open a capsule and sprinkle on my baby's tongue 3 times a day.

Stay away from breads, chips, tortillas...basically anything that tastes good will feed the yeast. Such a shame! ;)

My personal menu for the time being is brown rice and veggies. Brown rice and veggies...and more brown rice and veggies. So incredibly boring. But, worth it if you've felt the pain associated with thrush.

When my older son was 2 months old...we got thrush badly. It only took 3 weeks on this regimen to wipe it out. 3 weeks of rice and veggies seems like an eternity...but, like I said, it's worth it.

Best of Luck to you!!

Emily said...

Emily, yes, that is a little too ironic. Thank you so much for the tips. I am feeling that same three week never-ending eternal tunnel, and so know we are feeling it together! Tammie, thank you for emailing Emily, you sisters are so amazing!


Emily said...

Thank you for the passionate homemaking link and your ideas Emily, I printed them and took them to the health food store. I found this one: http://www.candida-cure-recipes.com/baby-thrush.html with lots of good looking stuff too, like using coconut oil on the nipple, perhaps mixed with tea tree oil, or how to make a tea with cloves.