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Hair Clips

I know this has nothing to do with healthy food,
but I love sharing all good things!
I'm mostly pretty practical and boring!
When it comes to my hair I usually just leave it long and straight.
I like feminine cute things but I also insist on being comfortable.
I like looking nice and pretty but I don't like spending lots of time!
Today I'm wearing this......

.....in my hair.  It's called a Flexiclip.......
 It takes me only seconds to put up in my hair!
Also It's COMFORTABLE and can hold some or all my hair up!
But it doesn't pull!  I doesn't poke my head!  I don't get a headache!
And just look how feminine!

They come in different sizes with ones even big enough to hold
my daughters very thick, long, curly hair!  She loves them too!
And so does my 4 year old girl who has very thin fine hair!
Watch the video here to see what size would work best for you!
The Company is called.....

and I think I found my all time favorite Hair Clips!
Maybe you will too!

1 comment:

Emily S. said...

So super cute! I just ordered one. Thanks for the recommendation.