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Tammie's Summer Slushy

Here's a great Summertime treat that I came up with years ago that put to good use my Pampered Chef Ice Shaver! It also helped my kids not feel so left out when they saw everyone standing in line at the snowie shacks.  But instead of tasting like the color Red (yep that is what that sugar syrup tastes like to me now might as well melt sweetened crayon and put on it ;) it actually has real flavor! 

Tammie's Summer Slushy
100% juice, frozen in ice cube trays or containers
Shave juice in ice shaver, or blend with a little juice in blender
Squeeze half a lime into each cup
That's it!
Very Refreshing!


Kimberley said...

My husband who is changing over to healthier eating habits makes his own recipe like this with ice, juice and agave he call it a slurpee though.

Tammie said...

Kimberley: That sounds way good. Does he just blend it in the blender?

Kimberley said...

Yes he does!